Beechwood Baby Hair Brush
Beechwood Baby Hair Brush
Beechwood Baby Hair Brush

Zefiro Beechwood Baby Hair Brush

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Brush your little one’s hair with the Beechwood Baby Hair Brush from Zefiro! Featuring all-natural, super-soft goat hair bristles and an ergonomic, easy-to-hold, FSC Certified beechwood handle, this brush is super gentle on your baby’s scalp and totally compostable!


Zefiro crafts affordable and sustainable zero-waste swaps to replace all the single-use, plastic-heavy items that permeate our day-to-day lives. Featuring natural, eco-friendly materials like bamboo, boar bristles, and sisal fiber, Zefiro's products are not only beautifully crafted but are also thoughtfully designed with end-of-life in mind. With their dedication to eco-friendly materials, minimal packaging, and affordable prices, Zefiro's selection of single-use swaps is a great way to zero-waste-ify your home. Click below to learn more about why we love Zefiro!

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