Saged Home Washable Mop Covers
Saged Home Washable Mop Covers
Saged Home Washable Mop Covers

Saged Home Washable Mop Covers- 6 or 12 Pack, 2 Color Options

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Style: White White
Quantity: 6-Pack 6-Pack
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These 100% Cotton cloths are the perfect replacement for disposable Swiffer covers. Keep your handy Swiffer, but use a fabric cover instead that you can easily wash and reuse.

These are made for a 10 x 4.5 inch Swiffer. Works with a standard Swiffer.

Choose from: a 6 or 12 pack in white or grey

Size: 10 x 12 inches- It will shrink slightly and become more absorbent after the first wash.

Care: Wash on hot with like colors and tumble dry. The white option can be bleached, the dark gray cannot. Store them in your favorite floor cleaning solution in a Tupperware so they are ready to go when you want to do a quick cleaning. They can also be kept dry and used for sweeping or dusting

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
I'm simply happy to have these

These are an absolute no brainer. They are very effective and long lasting. I have used them with DIY citrus vinegar cleaner and with castille soap. I can pop them off to rinse them and squeeze them out during mopping, and put them in the laundry when I am done. EVERYONE needs these.

Jay Duran
Not great at mopping

We bought these for mopping our laminated wood floors with our swiffer, but they're just too thin to hold moisture and have zero scrubability for dry mud spots. We own a couple other kinds of reusable/washable mop pads and those work way better because they're thicker and more absorbant.

Hi Jay, we appreciate your feedback and are sad to hear you are not satisfied with this product. We'd be happy to give you a credit for the mop covers if you send an email to

lia nelson
Makes me feel better

That I’m helping a little for the environment, now if we could get everyone on board.

Emma Hodge
Love these reusable covers!

I use these covers all the time to clean up spills, pet messes, or just for cleaning our wood floors.

Jeri Behrman
Goodbye Swiffer

Easy to use; easy to reuse. Cleans as well as Swiffer. Great zero waste swap.