Large Sidekick Travel Container
Large Sidekick Travel Container

To-Go Ware Large Sidekick Travel Container

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You've mastered meals on the go. But what about your salad dressings, side soups, and condiments? The Large Stainless Steel Travel Condiment Container by To-Go Ware is made for all the little things that make a meal truly amazing. This 1 cup size container is ideal for cereals, kid's snacks, soups, nuts, or any side dish! Plus, it's machine washable so you can fill it with something new every day.
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To-Go Ware

At the core of To-Go Ware's values lies a commitment to inspire people to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. To-Go Ware recognizes the environmentally degrading dependence on single-use plastics such as bags, utensils, and other on-the-go food storage and accessories. They've developed their brand on the basis that To-Go Ware will provide sustainably made utensils and food-carriers that help to eliminate the throw away culture. Using sustainable materials like bamboo, recycled PET from plastic bottles, and durable stainless steel, To-Go Ware has developed fun to use products that make eating on the go convenient, accessible, and zero waste.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Robin M.
large stainless steel cannister

handy light weight love it

Great tupperware replacement

I love using this instead of tupperware. It is high quality and closes easily. Great for on the go!

I love the stainless steel

I love the stainless steel option for a container. I am trying to move away from plastic containers and have found glass containers; however, I like that the stainless steel isn't as fragile as the glass! It's a good size for snacks/small amount of leftovers.

Perfect size

This container is just the right size for a snack or those weird little bits of leftovers from dinner. Obviously, the downside of stainless steel is that you can't see what's inside, so I try to keep it near the front of the fridge so I don't forget about my leftovers. The lid seems nice and tight but isn't hard to take off.

Great container

I really love this product. I originally bought it for my husband to use for his lunch, I wasn't sure how secure the lid was and if my kids would have trouble getting it open at school lunch. Well, no worries there. My daughters (2nd and 4th) have no trouble with the lid. I haven't sent it to lunch with my kindergartner yet- he's relegated to the stainless steel containers with the silicone lid. And it is big enough for larger items in a kids lunch- I usually put my daughters fruit in this container, when the silicone lid container is not big enough to hold the giant apples they like to eat.