Bamboo 10pc Math Set

Onyx and Green Bamboo 10pc Math Set

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Fun and educational - the Bamboo 10pc Math Set from Onyx and Green can help you finally draw the perfect circle or even map your next adventure. The set comes with 10 great tools including a protractor, 45-45-90 degree triangle, 30-60-90 degree triangle, ruler, compass, divider, craft paper pencil, craft paper red pencil, wood pencil sharpener, and non-toxic eraser. Each piece, and the box itself, is made from sustainably harvested bamboo, which is a renewable resource and one of the fastest growing plants on Earth! The Bamboo 10pc Math Set makes a perfect gift for anyone - child or adult, artist or mathematician.

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The average school in America will use close to 250,000 pieces of paper each year, with almost 4 billion trees cut down annually across the globe to support this industry. Onyx and Green is breaking this cycle of waste, not only with their unique paper products made from low-impact sugarcane and upcycled construction waste, but with an entire line of school and office supplies. From backpacks, to pens, to even rubber bands and calculators, they infuse creativity and sustainability into the designs of all their products. With consistency in their values and transparency in their production, materials, and values, Onyx and Green is helping to find new solutions in the office supply industry!

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