Scrap Happy Kitchen Compost Bin
Scrap Happy Kitchen Compost Bin
Scrap Happy Kitchen Compost Bin
Scrap Happy Kitchen Compost Bin

Full Circle Home Scrap Happy Kitchen Compost Bin

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Want to compost in your kitchen, but unsure about the smell? We've got your back. The Scrap Happy Kitchen Compost Bin by Full Circle Home keeps your compost bin odor-free and easy by fitting into your freezer door for less mess (and flies!) The recycled stainless steel wire rim attaches to kitchen drawers to collect food waste while you cook, with a flexible silicone exterior that flips inside out easily for cleaning. Simply collect scraps, leave them in the freezer, then toss the scraps in your backyard compost or city compost collection!
B Corp
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BPA Free
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Full Circle Home

Starting from an idea conceived at Thanksgiving dinner between four friends, and evolving into a company with sustainable products for everyone to buy and love, Full Circle has grown and thrived. Full Circle is a B Corp certified company dedicated to making sustainable products, including long-lasting necessities made out of sustainable and natural materials. Full Circle has turned co-founder Heather Kauffman's dream of "living clean" into a reality with products conducive to the "green" mentality. They care about their products and pay attention to the smallest of details; they understand that it's the little things that make a big difference in the long run. Full Circle has demonstrated that passion can unite people, even from completely different backgrounds, to apply their beliefs to create a healthier world.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Melissa A.
Perfect size

The hook is great for attaching to the inside of my garbage can to keep it off the counter.

love this

No more fruit flies on the counter and a non cluttered counter solution for food scraps. I keep in my freezer until I visit my green can. Have gifted to many appreciative pals.

Emily B.
I love that I can

I love that I can just throw my veg scraps in this bucket that’s right at my counter! I have tried to walk to the trash with my hands full too many times!

Mollie K.
Great for home composting

We bought this product when we decided to start composting at home. It fits well in our freezer, but will also stand upright outside the freezer. You can also close it in a drawer using the hook so it rests under the edge of a counter; then you can just brush vegetable scraps right into it. Super cool product!

Carol W.
Not Quite What Was Expected

Bin is easy to clean and works effectively in the freezer. I was expecting a lid on it and was surprised when it appeared without one. But, I am making it work.

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