About EarthHero

I want to recommend a product! How do I do that?

If there’s a product that you’re looking for but can’t find at EarthHero.com, we’d love to know! Feel free to let us know via live chat or by emailing us at hello@earthhero.com! We appreciate all recommendations and are always on the search for sustainable alternatives for your everyday purchases. If there’s an amazing brand that you’d love to see on EarthHero, you can recommend them to our product team at supplier@earthhero.com!

Are you a supplier looking to join the EarthHero family? Check out our 5 Step Methodology to get a good idea of what we look for in our brand partners too, and fill out this form and tell us why your products would be a great fit!

What is EarthHero?

It’s not so much what is EarthHero, but who? And the answer? EarthHero is a community of dreamers, doers, and changemakers who want to see a future that celebrates a healthy planet, and a healthy economy–not one or the other. EarthHero is you, us, and our sustainable brand partners we’re proud to call our community. Simply put, we’re a bunch of earth-loving folks who are focused on making sustainability simple. We do this by highlighting brands that are creating new norms for ethical consumption. As a growing team, we work closely together to move, shake, and hustle our way to making the planet a better place. We believe that in order to make a difference in the world, we need to change the way we consume. By bringing our customers better products that were made with the planet’s best interest in mind, we are enabling people to use their purchasing power to vote for the future of our earth.

How do you decide what products are sold on EarthHero?

We don’t choose. The planet does!  Well sort of . . .

We do our homework to research materials and ingredients that sustain and give back to our planet–rather than take from it. Then, we find the kick-ass companies that are utilizing modern technologies to turn these sustainable materials and ingredients into seriously awesome products. Then we vet them, and vet them again, and ask 1,000,001 questions before finally adding those products to our site. You can learn more about our 5 stage sourcing methodology: here.

Is there a brand you’re stoked on that we should know about? Let us know!


How does EarthHero support and work towards racial justice, alongside climate justice?

Our mission at EarthHero is to make sustainable shopping so easy, everyone does it. And yet, not everyone has the same experience with sustainability.

Climate change, pollution, & toxic waste disproportionately affect minorities and people of color, yet those groups are more likely to be excluded from the green movement. Numerous distresses of institutional racism are interwoven with environmental degradation, and it is up to those who have privilege to stand up to this injustice.

We cannot and will not see true environmental progress until we first address racial inequality. As we grow EarthHero, we will be intentional about change and not just well-intentioned. We’ve taken a look at our brands, charity partners, & our overall product assortment. We pledge to bring on more brands from black and minority owned businesses, and to ensure that our non-profit partnerships include organizations focused on environmental and social justice.

We’re aware that it’s on us, as individuals and as a company to ensure that all employees are encouraged to deepen their knowledge on these important topics. We pledge to conduct immersive diversity and anti-racism trainings, and to focus on building a more diversified workforce in order to bring different perspectives to this movement.

Climate justice and racial justice are complicated, but connected, issues. We stand in solidarity with the black community and allies in the fight against institutional racism and oppression. We stand with those fighting for answers, and advocating for change. Our mission is to unite people and planet, and to do so, we must first confront issues of racism and inequality.

If you have feedback, questions, or ways we can further get involved, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@earthhero.com. We value deeply what our passionate and engaged community has to say about social justice issues, and would love to hear from you.

What are some of your zero waste office practices?

We’re so glad you asked.

Beyond being a member of 1% for the Planet, and donating to reforestation projects through Carbonfund.org, we are also committed to a zero waste office–which means we reuse and recycle whenever we can, and compost, or “rot”, the rest. We reuse the shipping boxes & materials we’re sent, and only invest in office materials that fit within our sustainability values.

The EarthHero stickers you may find inside your box are made from 100% waterproof bio-plastic, made from tree pulp, that is certified commercially compostable. The EarthHero logo stickers found on the outside of your package are made from 100% post-consumer paper, and are also compostable! And, if you receive a product sample in your package, we promise it’ll be in the most eco-friendly packaging available–like our Xela Pack Seed Phytonutrient samples!

What is your stance on wool products?

We love wool, but we love healthy, happy, sheep a lot more. That’s why we only source wool products from New Zealand companies who use guaranteed non-mulesing practices, meaning that the sheep are unharmed before, during, and after the  extraction of the wool. We would never offer wool products that contribute to mulesing practices. The real magic with natural fibers comes from the fact that wool, and other animal fibers, are not made from the extraction of virgin natural resources (think polyester and spandex). We are all about that renewable lifestyle and animal fibers grow back pretty darn fast!


What is your stance on vegan products?

We totally support vegan products, and vegan lifestyles, but you’ll find that not all products on EarthHero are vegan. We aim to offer sustainable solutions for all of us eco-warriors, and some of these solutions include using natural ingredients like sustainably sourced beeswax or ethically sourced, non-mulesed wool.

That said, we do carry a large range of vegan products that support your lifestyle! Look for the Sustainability Logos on each product page, or simply type “Vegan” in the search bar!


What are EarthHero Sustainability Logos?

One of the best things about living sustainably is the option to engage in so many different ways! Whether you’re a huge fan of closed loop recycling, prefer natural textiles and products, or committed to living a vegan lifestyle, you support a more sustainable future when you shop EarthHero and our collective of ethical brands. When you shop with our companies, you support a more sustainable future.

Because there are so many different ways to live a sustainable life, and so many values that help to guide our journeys, we decided to make it simple to see which brands and products fulfil your needs. Our Sustainability Logos are easy indicators about a particular brand or product – from what it’s made of, to its impact on the world.

We give you the tools to decide what is important to you. Check out all of the sustainability logos here, and be sure to look at each product for its unique Sustainability Traits.

Is online shopping with EarthHero sustainable compared to shopping locally?

While it may seem better for the planet to only shop from stores in your town, the truth is, many people don’t have access to truly sustainable products locally–and end up shopping wherever they can–whether it be a local WalMart or the corner store. And sadly, most of these stores do not source truly sustainable products from mindful brands. This means your money, gas, and energy might all be spent shopping for options that, by design, are not as sustainable for our planet as they could be.

We make online shopping a more sustainable experience by bringing you 100+ mindful brands on one easy-to-order platform, that we pack and ship to you with mostly plastic free packaging, utilize carbon neutral offsets through Carbonfund, and achieving a near zero-waste operation. By offering eco-friendly products in one easy online store, we’re able to reach those who might not have access to sustainable goods. Our goal is to make shopping sustainably so easy everyone can do it–and we truly mean everyone.

But, we always love supporting ethical local businesses, so if you can find a bulk store or zero waste shop in your hometown, be sure to make them a part of your routine!

Is everything on EarthHero 100% sustainable?

Brace yourselves–there’s no such thing as “100% sustainable”. We’ve found that “sustainability” means different things to different people, and we’d be hard-pressed to find any product that does it all 100% perfectly (though we try!). We admire eco-warriors of all backgrounds, beliefs, and practices – after all, we’re all on the same path of to make the world a better place.

Every product (or as we like to call them, “sustainable solutions!”) requires energy and resources, but we search for brands that are doing their best to take responsibility for these impacts. Whether that means using natural and biodegradable materials, utilizing recycled waste, or working with companies that give back to the planet, we’re confident that any product you buy on EarthHero has a lower impact than traditional “stuff”. We search for those pioneering the sustainable movement.

Is online shopping sustainable?

The way some companies do it…… no. The way we do it? Yes.

The truth is, most online retailers rely on expedited shipping practices delivered in boxes overflowing with plastic and styrofoam to ensure the product doesn’t get damaged when dashing to your door.

But we’re doing online shopping differently. Each order comes packaged  using recycled and reused cardboard boxes with paper-fill–not foam peanuts, styrofoam or bubble plastic wrap. The boxes + packaging our brands send us, we lovingly repurpose to send back to you. These are just some of the ways the ways we’re changing the impact of online shopping! Oh, and did we mention we offset the carbon of every single package we ship? 🙂

Why do you list “End of Life” for certain products?

We know that true sustainability means looking at the life cycle of products as a whole–from the day it’s produced, to the day it can no longer be used. That’s why we include “End of Life” for as many products as possible–this tells you how to responsibly dispose, compost, or recycle the product you’ve purchased. Just look on each Product Page under “Sustainability Features” for this info!


What is EarthHero Rewards?

When you sign up for an account with EarthHero, you’ll automatically earn points by buying the stuff that you need and reviewing the stuff that you get. For every 100 points you earn, you’ll receive $5 towards a future EarthHero purchase. At the end of each earning period, we’ll tally up your points and you’ll receive a unique coupon code with your reward.

Find out more about the EarthHero Rewards program here.

Where do I create an account?

You can create an account by creating a password during the checkout process. Or, you could click here.

What if I forgot my password?

Simply reset it here!


Do you do bulk wholesale orders for events?

Please contact us as we are able to offer bulk pricing on a variety of our products. We’re also able to add custom branding to certain bulk items. Shoot us an email, give us a call, or reach out on chat, and we’re more than happy to help you with your order!

Can I order and resell EarthHero products to my local community, group of friends, on my own site, etc?

We do offer bulk pricing on for most products. Please contact us and let’s discuss what you’re thinking!

When can I use coupons?

Coupons can be used on any non-sale items, excluding TerraCycle, Naturepedic and Gift Cards. Multiple coupon codes cannot be used at the same time.

What does “Best Price Guarantee” mean?

We want to make sure that you’re happy with everything about your purchases on EarthHero… including the price. If you find a lower price for a product up to 7 days after your purchase, give us a call and we’ll match it.

There a are a few rules that go along with this, but they shouldn’t surprise anyone!

  1. The Best Price Guarantee only applies to the product price, before tax and shipping costs
  2. Keep some proof handy to show where you found the lower price
  3. This applies only to the same product, same size, same color… you get the idea!

How can I share feedback on my products?

We love to hear your thoughts on our products! A few weeks after ordering a new product, you’ll receive an email that provides the opportunity to give feedback. If you miss this email, you can always visit the corresponding product page and share a review there!

Plus, if you’re an EarthHero Rewards member, you’ll receive loyalty points for each verified review!

Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Some products may have a warranty through the manufacturer. Find warranty information for each item on their product page.

Do you charge sales tax?

EarthHero charges sales tax in Colorado, Massachusetts, Washington State, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kansas, Virginia, and North Carolina. If you are a tax-exempt business, please reach out to us at support@earthhero.com!

How long does it take to process my order?

Because we work with many different sustainable brands, products have various processing times. Please note the shipping information for individual products on the product, cart or checkout pages.

Can I change my order after placing it?

We try to process orders as soon as possible, so orders can’t be altered once they’re completed. Please contact us with any urgent needs at support@earthhero.com.


What is Route Package Protection?

Route is a package insurance program that we are very pleased to now offer our customers – We’ve seen an uptick in missing, stolen, and lost packages over the past few months and wanted to make sure our fellow Earth Heroes were covered in the event of such issues! For as low as .98 cents per order, Route provides protection for lost, missing, and damaged products. EarthHero does not make any profit off of this insurance option. If you have additional questions, we are always happy to answer via Live Chat or at hello@earthhero.com

Is Route Necessary?
Only you can make that decision for yourself! If you have fallen prey to porch pirates in the past, live in a large city, or simply want extra peace of mind while shopping online, we recommend Route package insurance for all packages as a safeguard. You may opt-out of Route by toggling the blue button to ‘off’ in Step 4 of the checkout process. By selecting Route, a small fee based on your order’s total (typically ~ $0.98) will be added to your order total and will allow for the option to resend or refund a package if it is stolen, lost, or damaged during transit. By opting out of Route, you are opting out of these services and coverage against such issues.

My tracking # says my package was delivered, but it never arrived on my doorstep. What can I do?

‘Porch pirates’: they’re very real, and very annoying! We want to ensure every EarthHero package finds its rightful home… so we’ve partnered with Route to offer you protection against issues like this. Please see our Route FAQ for more info. In the meantime, here are some extra tips to help you avoid having your eco-goods nabbed from your doorstep.

First: if you think your package has been nabbed, start by taking a thorough look in your front yard, backyard, apartment lobby, bushes, neighbors house, etc. Mail carriers are only human, after all, and sometimes packages end up in peculiar spots!

If you’ve looked around and still can’t find your package…don’t worry. We’re here to help as much as we can! If the tracking number for your package confirms it was delivered, but it’s not hiding anywhere on your stoop, reach out to us at support@earthhero.com and our customer care team will do everything we can to help locate your package!

If both our warehouse and the mail carrier confirm that your package did in fact make it to your doorstep, there is a good chance that your package has been stolen (darn you, porch pirates!) This is an extremely rare situation that is out of the control of the EarthHero team. If you purchased Route at the time of your order, you may file a claim through them or have our Customer Service team to file it on your behalf.

If you know you’re at risk for porch pirates, we suggest you contact USPS for a post office box for all your mail, or you can reach out to UPS or FedEx and ask them to hold your packages for pick-up at your nearest store location. Additionally, having mail sent to your work or another secure location works, too. (If neither of these options are available to you, installing a home security system like Nest may help keep future deliveries secure).


I placed 1 order of a few items on your site, but my items came in more than 1 shipping box, or arrived on separate days. What’s the deal?

Good question! The EarthHero warehouse, located in Boulder, CO, contains a good portion of our products – so we’re able to group orders with multiple items into one box and reduce both shipping emissions and packaging materials. However, some of our products ship directly from the manufacturer as it is more sustainable for them to send your package directly to you, instead of first to the EarthHero warehouse. Because of this, depending on what items you’re getting, there is a chance your order may arrive in two or more boxes, and on separate dates. But no matter who sends it, it will always be delivered with carbon neutral shipping! 

If your items ship from different locations, you will be sent a tracking number immediately for each shipment. If you’d like to know more about how your specific order would ship, and how many boxes it would be in, please reach out to us via Live Chat available 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, or contact support@earthhero.com!

Where in the world does EarthHero ship?

We’re on a mission to make living a sustainable lifestyle easier for everyone, from America to Zimbabwe! Right now, we currently ship all of our brands and products to all 50 states in the USA (we see you, Hawaii and Alaska!), and can ship select brands and products to Canada. Just reach out to us on chat or email hello@earthhero.com! International shipping is a major priority for us, and we’re working to make it available as soon as possible!

Why hasn’t a drone dropped off my package in less than 24 hours?

Well. Because we’re just not there…yet!

Instead, we use carbon-neutral shipping methods that bring you your package the good ole’ fashioned way: via human! Most orders ship the same business day, or very quickly following. And you’ll still get your package on time… just without flying robots being involved.  

Why does my box look like… this?

Every day, we get tons of boxes sent to our warehouse from different companies we work with. Instead of tossing those lightly used boxes, we prefer to give them a second life! So, if you get a slightly-used box that says “Thanks for helping us reuse this box!”, don’t panic–just because the box isn’t beautiful doesn’t mean it isn’t full of some seriously cool stuff. Keep the trend going, and choose to reuse or recycle your box afterwards! Don’t worry though: we’d never send a box that’s at the end of its life–your products will reach you safe and sound!

How do I earn Free Shipping?

All US orders which total $50 or more after any coupons or sales are applied are eligible for free shipping. Tax is not included in the order total.

Where does free shipping over $50 apply?

Free shipping on orders over $50 applies to the United States only (including you, Hawaii and Alaska!)

How can I track my order?

When you buy something from EarthHero, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with tracking information.

Do you ship internationally?

We’re located in Boulder, Colorado, and can ship to all 50 US states! We’re also growing, and can ship many of our products to Canada. Please contact us at hello@earthhero.com with a list of items that you’re interested in purchasing, and we will help you place your order. At this time, we do not offer international shipping outside of Canada, but we hope to in the near future!

When will my order ship?

EarthHero works to reduce the distance traveled for each item we sell, so in some cases orders may be shipped straight from the manufacturer to your door. We also pride ourselves on providing a variety of made-to-order and handmade goods. Because of this, shipping times and methods may vary for each product. Shipping time estimates can be found on each product page.


Request a Return

To request a return, fill out the form below! All items must be unused, undamaged, and in their original packaging in order to be accepted.

  • This field is required. Please enter the first and last name.
  • Please enter a valid email address.
  • 3 or more digits are required.
  • 2 or more characters are required.
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  • You must confirm the item is new, unused, and in the original packaging.

What is your return policy?

EarthHero offers free returns for most items that are unused, undamaged, and in their original packaging within 30 days of purchase. Items will be refunded to the original form of payment, and pre-paid return shipping labels will be provided at no extra cost. Original shipping costs will not be refunded.

Some items, like skincare products, PPE (face coverings), or underwear are only available for final sale and may not be returned due to sanitary reasons. Return information is listed on each product page.
If any items arrive damaged, please reach out to us at hello@earthhero.com so that we may get your items to you safe and sound!