The name Veles comes from an ancient, shape-shifting god of water, earth, the underworld, and magic. Besides the underworld and the magic part (as far as we know, at least), this name perfectly represents the Veles values, protecting the Earth and conserving water. At the beginning, the New Jersey based company's goal was simply to provide sustainable options to those who are trying to reduce their environmental impact. How'd they do it, you ask? Veles created the first closed loop, all-purpose cleaner made from food waste! Instead of letting food waste end up in landfills, emitting harmful greenhouse gasses, Veles captures this waste and breaks it down into their hard-working cleaning solution. Veles's cleaning solution has been lab tested on the worst surface contaminants, and has been proven to clean even the worst messes with minimal smearing. Veles's all-purpose cleaner is effective on ceramics, glass, fiberglass, chrome, painted metal, stainless steel, and plastic/acrylic, with more quality testing on the way!

From the ingredients, to the bottles, to the packaging, each step of the Veles process has the goal of preventing waste from entering landfills, using less water, and protecting the environment.
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