When co-founders and sisters, Hailey and Bree, were little, their mom used to read them The Name of the Tree. The story is about animals on the verge of starvation who come across the very last tree, named Ungalli. The tree has fruit at the top, but none of the animals can reach it alone. The animals ultimately have to learn to work together for the greater good.

After learning about the negative impact that clothing companies have on our planet, the sisters were driven to get involved. They started this company based around the idea that it takes a team to create positive change. By supporting charities through their purchases, they get others involved in making a difference. The name Ungalli keeps them true to this mission of working together to reach a common goal.

Every shirt makes an impact

Ungalli is committed to changing the way that people think about clothing. They've seen first hand how the creation of one item can affect numerous people, so they believe that every purchase makes a difference. Ungalli uses recycled materials in their clothing, and they emphasize ethical production for all of their products by providing workers with fair wages as well as safe, respectful working conditions in Canada. Ungalli partners with the sustainable Canadian startup Green Story in order to analyze the impact that their products have compared to their traditional counterparts. One Ungalli recycled t-shirt saves about ten plastic bottles from entering landfills, and every Ungalli tee saves 2,695 liters of water! Also, thanks to Ungalli's small production radius, each shirt they make saves approximately half of a gallon of petroleum and reduces carbon dioxide output by 26 pounds. Many Ungalli products also work to support different charities, from their charity tees to their gemstone bracelets. Their ‚Rescued is my Favorite Breedshirts not only bring awareness to the importance of adopting pets, but it also donates $1 per shirt sold to New Hope Dog Rescue! Another of our favorites, ‚Bee The Change,donates funds towards the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Also, by partnering with Domo Beads, they can feed 5 children for each one of their gemstone bracelets sold. We love their commitment to community and their vision that, together, we're able to promote a healthier future!

Time Well-Spent

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