Temple Tree

Founder Lisa Stokke's passion for essential oils blends right into her everyday life. An avid spokesperson for sustainable, organic farming and nutritious food, Stokke's been formulating essential oil blends for friends and family for over 20 years. With her experience in the world of aromatics and botanicals, Stokke recognizes the importance of purity and integrity, only curating essential oils from botanicals that are wild or organically-grown.

Temple Tree works to source all essential oils in a way that meet high standards for purity and excellence. Through using Temple Tree's collection of essential oils, blends, and sprays, users will find their senses awakened and their hearts opened. With blends suited for everything from stress relief, muscle pain, or headaches, Temple Tree's botanical oils are an easy way to begin learning about the benefits of natural medicinals.

Organic & Wildcrafted

Every product from Temple Tree starts with the plant. In order to harness the healing characteristics of plants, distilling their roots, leaves, seeds and flowers creates a concentrated essence that maintains those characteristics. Temple Tree works hard to source oils that are distilled in ways that maintain the true complexity and essence of each botanical. Many of Temple Tree's oils are distilled using an artisanal practice that uses copper and glass to gently create aromatics in small batches. Compared to large scale essential oils that are produced with heavy pressure and heat, Temple Tree's oils maintain their medicinal qualities. Temple Tree also sources each essential oil using wild harvested or organically grown ingredients. This ensures that no toxic chemicals were used to grow or harvest the herbs and flowers that are used to create Temple Tree's unique blends. In comparison to some essential oils on the market that are synthetic or lab-derived, you can trust that Temple Tree's products are pure botanicals that you can feel comfortable applying to your skin or diffusing into the air around you. Temple Tree also ensures each product is packaged in recyclable glass bottles.

Time Well-Spent

Everything on our site is vetted through our 5-Pillar Sourcing Methodology, and our Community Experience team is always here to help through chat, call, or email.


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