Natural Pet Pad
Natural Pet Pad
Natural Pet Pad
Natural Pet Pad
Natural Pet Pad
Natural Pet Pad

Bark Potty Natural Pet Pad

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Meet Bark Potty, the dog park in a box! The Bark Potty Natural Pet Pad is made from FSC Certified redwood chips, plus a durable plastic tray, and replaces up to 60 single-use pads. Perfect for house training puppies, apartment residents, senior dogs, snow days, and so much more, this reusable dog pad makes it easy for your pup to go to the bathroom when they don't have access to a yard. The anti-microbial bark chips absorb liquids, breaking them down naturally so that the pad has little to no smell – and the plastic tray at the bottom keeps everything contained and mess-free. Each pad also comes with a handy roll of biodegradable waste bags for easy clean-up. It can be used indoors or out and is the perfect size for apartment balconies. Give your pup the experience of nature even when you don't have access to it with this eco-friendly dog mat!
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Bark Potty

Puppies, senior dogs, accident-prone pals, or just a super busy schedule no matter what the reason, Bark Potty is the sustainable multi-use pee pad you've been looking for! Made of naturally antimicrobial and upcycled FSC Certified redwood, Bark Potty is the paw-some solution that replaces over 60 generic bound-for-the-landfill pads. Finally, a housetraining solution that helps reduce your pup's environmental footprint while looking great in your home! Click below to learn more about why we love Bark Potty!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
siobahn h.
Amazingly effective!

My dog has sudden bladder cancer so we got these to see if they could take the place of the puddles. She’s never gone on the blue disposable pads and we’re hesitant she would figure this out at 13. But started going on it right away and no other accidents. It does dry so quickly and zero odor, and with a big dog emptying her bladder. Really awesome and gonna get one a month.


I have two geriatric small dogs and work long hours. The Bark Potty has been very useful for them, it does not give off any odors and the standard size fits nicely in my small apartment. As a previous reviewer stated; it would be nice if the plastic mesh was a little smaller so if there is a messy accident, it doesn’t become entrapped in all of the wood chips. However, I have continuously bought these for my dogs and they have continuously been great products.

Great for frequent pottiers & bad weather

I love this thing. My pup is on medication that increases her thirst and therfore need for potty breaks. It was getting hard for me to take her out every hour (sometimes even more frequently based on the number of accidents in the house) so I hoped this would help until she wasn't on medication any more. Worked like a charm.

I wasn't sure if it would smell, but nope! No smell at all. My dog has figured out how to use it relatively simply and it's easy for her to use. I also like the bottle of phermones sent with it. (Other companies like the ones where you can buy a grass, will tell you to take a paper towel and rub it on places dog frequent bathrooms outside or even to pee on it yourself! Haha so this is a lot simpler) She doesn't pull the bark out or mess with it at all.

My only lingering question is how to dispose of it in the correct way/how long it can be used. Will need to do a bit of research or check out the company website directly since it seems the end of life information is no longer on Earthhero site.

Mostly great

-This product doesn't smell. It doesn't leak. Dog eats bark which is a choking hazard.
-Initially i planned to leave this in our bathroom since its supposed to last a month. I figured it would fragrant any room. We've had it for weeks in our bedroom and haven't smelled a thing. We haven't been taking our baby outside much since it's been cold so we figured this was the closest thing.
-The problem is, my mini 4 month old mini dachsund pulls the bark out. So now it's hidden from her in the bathroom tub. I have to place her on top of it then take her right out of the tub. Maybe the company should make a mesh with much smaller squares. Also, the plastic mesh is not good for the environment. Can you start making compostable mesh with smaller squares??