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Gone are the days of choosing between a love of classic denim jeans and a passion for the planet. From the sourcing of raw materials to the dying and distressing processes, creating jeans have historically had quite the negative footprint. During her many business-related excursions around the world, fashion designer Jennifer Lipman witnessed firsthand the immense environmental and community damage that occurs as a result of the textile industry. After seeing the vast fabric waste, shocking dye runoff, and the poor treatment of workers, Jennifer felt that there had to be another way to create iconic staples without the harmful repercussions. Her solution came in the form of Porter Blue Apparel, a denim line that represents a new wave of thinking and one that is centered on green, ethical manufacturing and climate activism.

With her 20+ years in the fashion world, Jen quickly amassed immense support on Kickstarter for her trailblazing business model. Operating on the principles of design, freedom, and intentionality, the San Francisco-based Porter Blue Apparel offers a variety of jeans in diverse cuts all with Porter Blue's signature high-rise and 5-pocket style. Their polished jeans are perfect for all outings, and can be paired with worn boots, chunky heels, or classy oxfords for a put-together, effortless look. Their modernized jeans are stretchier than conventional stiff denim which makes them more breathable and comfortable enough to wear all day long. Plus, each pair supports forest and water conservation through Porter Blue's partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative! In creating their beautiful jeans, Porter Blue breathes a modern spin on vintage classics that are perfect for every body and any occasion!

Denim Done Better

Blue jeans became a staple in American fashion in the 1950s and today, the average American person owns seven pairs of jeans! It's no surprise that denim is essential for modern and timeless style, but that shouldn't have to cost our sustainability or ethical values. Jeans, and specifically denim jeans, use primarily cotton, a very water and land-intensive crop. Not only is the cultivation harmful to the planet, but so is the treatment that occurs during the dying and washing stages that make each pair special. In contrast, Porter Blue Apparel employs only Better Cotton Denims, which use 75% less water, 85% fewer chemicals, and 65% less energy than conventionally-grown cotton AND doesn't contribute to soil degradation. Through their partnership with the global non-profit Better Cotton Initiative, Porter Blue Apparel contributes to the employment of safer and environmentally friendly cotton farming practices, where farmers are taught eco-agriculture techniques to reduce their water usage by up to 40%. Beyond the designing and development procurement for their jeans, Porter Blue Apparel also focuses on each step of the manufacturing portion of the supply chain. They work closely with an Italian factory that's focused on safe working practices for employees and uses state-of-the-art machinery that prioritizes minimal waste and water. Their hand-picked partner also has an ultramodern water treatment plant to prevent the freshwater pollution that's all-too common within denim manufacturing. Thus, at the end of the denim production cycle, the waste water gets repurposed through several cycles of distilling and filtering before being sent back to the community as clean, potable water. To further promote water and soil conservation, Porter Blue Apparel also employs groundbreaking techniques that eliminate the need for water and harsh chemicals in the treatment of denim. Well worn and slightly distressed are often the key elements for a great pair of jeans. However, many of the bleaching techniques are chemical-heavy and water intensive. In order to create that beautiful vintage and ‘lived in' look on their jeans, Porter Blue employs a state-of-the-art waterless washing technique called lasering which ultimately eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. Their lasering technique gently etches away material and coloring for a one-of-a-kind altered jean. The harsh chemicals typically used in denim washing harm wildlife, pose a risk to the drinking water, and cause health problems in local communities. With this in mind, Porter Blue is also committed to using no solvents, APEO (Alkylphenol ethoxylates, which are wielded as textile cleansing agents), PFCs (Perfluorinated compounds, often used to make jeans breathable and stain-resistant), or Azo dyes (applied as textile treatment)! Through their inventive and eco-friendly process, Porter Blue offers denim that is ethically and sustainably produced -- something very hard to come by in the world of denim. Even the buttons and zippers on each pair of jeans are made from post-consumer recycled hardware from discarded garments. Talk about paying attention to every detail! In line with the company's eco-focus and ethical mission, all of Porter Blue Apparel's packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and 90% post-consumer fibers. From their biodegradable hang tags to their recyclable poly bags and compostable shipping mailers, Porter Blue thinks of it all. With Porter Blue Apparel, all of our eco and ethical-denim dreams have come true!

Time Well-Spent

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