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Meet the McKee's: Asa and Tamar! Asa McKee is a skier, fly fisherman, gardener, father, and co-founder of Khala Cloths. As an outdoorsman and father, Asa's growing concern about our planet encouraged him to take a larger step in helping Mother Earth. The other half of this eco-duo, Tamar McKee, is an anthropologist, writer, filmmaker, mother, and co-founder of Khala Cloths. As a mother and professor, creating Khala & Company has become another way for Tamar to encourage others to care for Mother Earth by being conscious and conscientious consumers. Together, this husband and wife team founded Khala & Company–an eco-friendly food storage wrap company that's changing the way we look at plastic-wrap.

They start every cloth with a GOTS Certified blend of organic hemp and organic cotton fabric grown in North America, then infuse sustainably harvested beeswax, or plant-based tree resins, into their classic and vegan food wraps. With 100% zero waste, compostable packaging, and no added bleaches or chemicals, these natural wraps mold to any shape with the warmth of your hands. The blend of coconut oil and natural resins will adhere to itself, keeping food fresh until you're ready to snack again. Unlike seran wrap and plastic-wrap, Khala & Company will have a long life if cared for correctly! Simply wash with eco-friendly soap, and pat dry, for hundreds of uses.

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Khala Potluck Reusable Vegan Food Wrap
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Khala Potluck Reusable Vegan Food Wrap

Khala & Company

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Honor Your Food

Khala & Company are truly waste-free from product to packaging. They package their reusable, washable, biodegradable wraps in 100% zero waste packaging‚ using post-consumer recycled paper for the topper, a compostable wax paper bag, and recyclable cardboard. The McKee's extend this commitment to their factory and manufacturing, doing whatever they can to produce zero landfill materials within each stage of production. The fabric used to construct all Khala & Company is an organic cotton and hemp blend, grown in North America and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Even as a relatively new company, they have worked to become certified by Green America, an organization of small businesses dedicated to best practices, for the environment, and for consumers. But they haven't stopped there! Khala & Company is also a member of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of their yearly sales towards environmental non-profits in sectors like energy, water, biodiversity, and more. Last, but certainly not least, they source all their bee-centric beeswax for their classic wrap from bee-first apiaries. But what is a bee-first apiary? It means the life of the bee is the main priority, with the harvesting of the beeswax or honey as a distant second. They do this by allowing the bees to eat their own honey, instead of replacing it with sugar water. Plus, these kind of apiaries keep chemicals out of their hives, coming as close to organic beeswax as possible. Once they infuse this beeswax into the hemp/cotton cloth, they leave it alone. Really!? Yep. That means no bleaching, no chemicals, and no additives.

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