Cyndi and Chris, self-proclaimed plant hoarders, wondered what they could do with all their leftover plant pots. On a whim, they decided they wanted to try out candle-making and fill the plant pots with soy wax. When Cyndi's friend sent her a paper seed card, she had nowhere to plant it anymore - all her plant pots were occupied with candles! That's when Cyndi and Chris Hileman decided they were going to create a simple and cozy, zero-waste product with all-natural ingredients that could serve more than just one purpose. Thus, Hyggelight growing candles were born!

Hyggelight candles come with a ceramic container, filled with 100% soy wax, and embedded with a seed paper label you can use to plant wildflowers. Once the candles are all burnt out, the candle container can be repurposed into a plant pot by just adding soil and the included seed paper label. Cyndi and Chris are passionate about helping the planet and leading the reusable, growing candle industry into the path of sustainability.

The name of the company, Hyggelight (Hoo-Ga-Lite) was inspired by the Danish concept of Hygge, an idea close to Cyndi and Chris' hearts. Hygge means creating a feeling or atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Combining hygge with sustainability, means zero-waste, reusable, coziness, and simplicity, all wrapped together into one product which empowers your own individual hygge and sustainable lifestyle. Imagine how comfy you'll be when you come home to a house filled with candles and flowers!

Hyggelight, a family company, took one household item and made it into two: a candle and a plant. Infused with the idea of hygge, the reusable growing candle is the next essential household item. You'll never look at candles the same way again!
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