Gypsy & Lolo

Husband and wife team, Gypsy and Loic, started Gypsy & Lolo out of a desire to build a healthier future for their two children. With backgrounds in design and having made their own clothes in the past, the couple was inspired to build a clothing line using natural, sustainable materials. With their lines of adorable accessories from cool sun hats to warm winter mittens, their skills have been noticed. Gypsy & Lolo has evolved into an established brand, but they continue to stay committed to the values their company was founded on.

Feel Good and Do Good

Gypsy & Lolo uses eco-friendly materials to create unique, innovative products, but they take sustainability a step further through their numerous charitable partnerships. They empower people to promote sustainability and a positive future by working with organizations like Trees for the Future, Greenpeace Fund, Whole Planet Foundation and Vote Hemp (just to name a few). Trees for the Future works to educate people on deforestation, and to restore and revitalize areas that have been harmed. Gypsy & Lolo takes part in their buy-one-item, plant-one-tree program, and so every purchase helps make a positive impact on the planet. Gypsy & Lolo's donations to Greenpeace Fund help environmental activists fight on the front line to protect wildlife, oceans, and other fragile eco-zones. Their contributions to the Whole Planet Foundation go towards helping entrepreneurial families all over the world by providing them with small grants. In 2014 alone, the Whole Planet Foundation sponsored 808,639 small entrepreneurs in 61 countries. Gypsy & Lolo is a huge advocate for using hemp for clothing. This plant flourishes in poor soil and doesn't need a lot of water or pesticides to grow. Hemp fabric is incredibly durable and versatile, and also has numerous comfort benefits. Because of this, Gypsy & Lolo supports Vote Hemp, an organization committed to making hemp a viable commercial crop in the United States.

Time Well-Spent

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