In 2014, Alessandro Rocchi founded Georganics all based on one question — are all these synthetic chemicals used in conventional oral care really necessary? After some research into the question, Rocchi realized that many of these chemicals are bad for both your health and for the health of the environment. He was unhappy with this information and decided to make his own toothpaste using only natural and sustainable ingredients just for him and his friends. After some success, the local farmers market reached out and asked him to supply them with toothpaste, and just like that, Georganics was born.

Allesandro and Georganics make three important promises to the people who love their products. The first is that all of their products are all-natural, and not the fake kind of natural that many companies claim to be even though they still use synthetic chemical ingredients such as SLS and Triclosan. Georganics products are all chemical-free and use natural, organic ingredients. Their next promise is their sustainability commitment, all of their products are made in small, waste-free, batches and the packaging is specifically designed to create no waste. The last promise is their consciousness of their impact on the planet, all of their products are ethically sourced, they don't test on animals, and most of their products are vegan.
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For Georganics, being an ethical and sustainable company is just as important as the high-quality oral hygiene products that they produce. Georganics has gone above and beyond in order to make their products all-natural, but still high quality. They refrain from using SLS or Triclosan, common and potentially harmful hygiene ingredients, and they're completely transparent about the ingredients they use. We also love Georganics because of their commitment to be fair to their employees, to never test on animals, and to give back to their community. They pride themselves on being a living wage employer and providing great working conditions to their employees. Along with the products themselves, Georganics ensures that all of their packaging is designed to produce no waste and stay out of landfills. This means that the entire life cycle of their products produces no waste along the way, starting with the ingredients, to manufacturing, to shipping, and to the end of life. For local customers, they go even further. Georganics has a local initiative to reduce the waste from their products sold within the UK. The program, called Zero to Landfill (ZTL), started when Georganics saw the massive amount of waste that was produced from used toothbrushes and empty tubes. They predict this adds up to around 20,371 tons of waste per year from those products alone! Their initiative allows local customers to send back any components that cannot be composted or recycled at home, free of charge so that they can be properly disposed of or reused.

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