Eco Nuts

Nothing feels better than fresh, clean laundry. But what if the products you're using are actually dirty? Most conventional laundry detergents are hiding irritating ingredients masked by the cover-all word, fragrance. Likewise, while dryer sheets can help clothes stay soft and fresh-smelling, they typically contain toxic chemicals, that cling to fabric and vent into the air we breathe. Plus, being single-use is hardly a green choice!

After years of struggling with skin sensitivities themselves, Mona Weiss and Scott Shields were frustrated by the lack of transparency in laundry products. This led them on a journey to seek out cleaning products that were safe, trustworthy, and eco-friendly. Their inability to find anything they felt great about inspired the couple to come up with something entirely new. In 2009, they created Eco Nuts, a laundry company that turns to special dried berries to form their super gentle detergents. These berries come straight from trees in the Himalayas and contain a natural surfactant called saponin.
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