Earth Mama

For Melinda Olson, starting Earth Mama was never her intention. In fact, until she had gone through two pregnancies and started studying the healing powers of plant-based, herbal medicine, it wasn't even a thought that crossed her mind. It all started with her first pregnancy when her doctor advised her to take a pill for her morning sickness. Melinda's maternal instincts and nursing background told her that it wasn't a good idea to medicate while pregnant. When she started experiencing weight loss along with her morning sickness, her doctor offered the medicine again. Still, her gut told her it was a bad idea. As it turns out, the medicine was Bendectin, which was later taken off the market because it caused birth defects.

So, she had her first baby in a hospital and her second at home, an environment Melinda says was much more comfortable and peaceful. It was after these pregnancies that Melinda found herself doing what fascinated her: studying plant medicine. She grew her own herbs and learned how to make her own salves, soaps, medicinal teas, and tinctures, all with the power of plants! She started out making herbal medicines for family and friends to treat conditions like morning sickness and heartburn. Soon, her at-home DIYs flourished into a company known for organic, natural, plant-based remedies for pregnant parents and infants of all stages: Earth Mama.
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For a serene pregnancy

Earth Mama knows that plant-powered is the way to go! An expert in the benefits of plant medicine, Melinda Olson's knowledge trickles into every Earth Mama product. Mainstream and prescription medications often aren't healthy, especially for pregnant people and babies. This is why Earth Mama ditches the harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients and instead uses natural, organic, plant ingredients to ensure the best product possible! From their USDA-certified organic, Non-GMO verified Nipple Butter for chestfeeding parents to their herbal teas for every trimester, pregnant parents can be sure that both themselves and their baby are being well cared for! Let's face it: parents have enough to worry about. That's why Earth Mama does the hard work for you. They research to find out what's best for you and your baby, so you don't have to. Safety is their number one priority, and so they specialize in creating safe herbal alternatives for both pregnant parents and babies. From pregnancy to birth to chestfeeding, parents can be sure that Earth Mama uses natural, organic, and worry-free ingredients to keep their minds at ease. When you're giving something to a pregnant parent, you're also giving it to the fetus. Earth Mama understands this and more, so their products are not only plant-based, but they use USDA certified and Non-GMO ingredients as well. Parents-to-be shouldn't have to worry that the products they purchase are good for their child. With Earth Mama, you can trust that each product is made with natural, thoughtfully chosen ingredients! Earth Mama knows that having and caring for a baby is not always easy. With parenthood come endless questions and it can quickly become overwhelming. This is why Earth Mama is more than just a brand, they're a community. They strive to provide support for pregnant, postpartum, and chestfeeding individuals of all ages. Their presence on various social media platforms provides a safe space for all parents to share the wonders that accompany bringing life into the world.

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