Earth Mama

For Melinda Olson, starting Earth Mama was never her intention. In fact, until she had gone through two pregnancies and started studying the healing powers of plant-based, herbal medicine, it wasn't even a thought that crossed her mind. It all started with her first pregnancy when her doctor advised her to take a pill for her morning sickness. Melinda's maternal instincts and nursing background told her that it wasn't a good idea to medicate while pregnant. When she started experiencing weight loss along with her morning sickness, her doctor offered the medicine again. Still, her gut told her it was a bad idea. As it turns out, the medicine was Bendectin, which was later taken off the market because it caused birth defects.

So, she had her first baby in a hospital and her second at home, an environment Melinda says was much more comfortable and peaceful. It was after these pregnancies that Melinda found herself doing what fascinated her: studying plant medicine. She grew her own herbs and learned how to make her own salves, soaps, medicinal teas, and tinctures, all with the power of plants! She started out making herbal medicines for family and friends to treat conditions like morning sickness and heartburn. Soon, her at-home DIYs flourished into a company known for organic, natural, plant-based remedies for pregnant parents and infants of all stages: Earth Mama.
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