Dental Lace

Consider this: If every person in the US flosses their teeth according to ADA recommendations (using 18 inches of floss, once per day), imagine how many empty plastic floss dispensers we'd go through per year! One blog estimates that based off of a typical plastic floss container that holds 25 tears of floss, we could easily fill a football field sized landfill 6 stories high, just for our empty floss dispensers! There has to be a better way to maintain clean, healthy teeth – and refillable glass floss dispensers are a simple, yet elegant solution!

As someone who carries floss with her everywhere, Jodi Brea had initially set out to design more fashionable floss containers and modernize that basic plastic, square design. After she learned the football field statistic, however, Brea found her true inspiration. She was on a mission to design a beautiful and sustainable alternative to plastic floss. This led to the founding of Dental Lace, a company committed to ending plastic in our flossing routines. It's easy to assume that one little plastic container won't do much harm, but Brea reminds us that small individual changes can lead to big collective impacts.

But, it's not just about the packaging, as even most floss itself is plastic! Traditional floss is made with nylon, a plastic that can't be recycled and won't biodegrade for hundreds of years. In addition to a football field of empty containers, one year of proper flossing by every person in the US leaves us all with enough floss to circle the Earth over 1,000 times. Dental Lace makes it easy to steer clear of plastic with silk and plant-based alternatives!
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