Colorado Hemp Clothing

Colorado Hemp Clothing was founded by entrepreneur Cat Stone. Her first hemp dress caused her to fall in love with hemp's durability, softness, ability to retain its shape after numerous washes, and its natural antibacterial properties. She adored this dress, but it didn't fit in well with her daily life. She sought out more options, but couldn't find a company that fit her lifestyle. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Her first creation was a stylish, sustainable cowl-neck women's hemp shirt. Soon afterwards, she began designing and selling versatile styles of women's hemp clothing appropriate for anything from the gym to work to going out on the town. She soon found demand for her innovative, stylish designs from men as well, and so she expanded into men's apparel. Today, Colorado Hemp Clothing works to provide quality products that embody the same values that inspired Cat from the beginning.

Hemp for every occasion

Colorado Hemp Clothing works by multiple guiding principles, and ingrains these values into every item they produce. They strive to fill the needs of people who value healthy, sustainable, stylish clothing, while working to protect the planet at the same time. Hemp is a quick-growing plant that takes just 6 months to mature, and it provides various types of durable fibers that can be made into anything from toilet paper to clothing to dog toys. Its fast growth cycle and low dependency on chemical pesticides and fertilizers make hemp a safe and efficient plant to grow for textile production. Additionally, Colorado Hemp Clothing supports American farming and the growth of hemp on American soil. They work to encourage and empower American farmers, and because hemp is profitable, fast-growing, and does not require the use of pesticides, they believe that farming hemp can provide Americans with safer, more lucrative work environments. The growth of hemp in the United States also has the potential to create more jobs for Americans in both farming and manufacturing.

Time Well-Spent

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