Bitti Gitti

In a pinch, smartphone speakers are useful when wanting to listen to a song or favorite podcast out loud. However, the sound is often "tinny" and offers a fraction of the listening experience that a sound system provides. For those dedicated to living a truly eco-lifestyle, the options for thoughtfully made and power-free sound amplification are slim. Until now! The search for a sustainable sound system that is high quality, unplugged, and handmade is over. Look no further than Bitti Gitti!

In Turkish,"bitti gitti" translates to "done and gone" or more specifically, the act of creating something and then gifting it. For Erbil Sivaslioglu, the founder of Bitti Gitti, this meant coming home from work and de-stressing through crafting gifts for friends and family. His projects were hands-on, purposefully designed, involved many prototypes, and always made with love. As his gifts became more popular among his close circle, Erbil noticed a general increase in interest in handmade goods. He decided to quit his engineering job and launch Bitti Gitti with the intention of crafting everyday goods that were backed by sustainability, a minimalist aesthetic, and performance!
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Wooden Smartphone Speaker

Bitti Gitti


Hand-crafted with love

For Bitti Gitti, making, giving, and receiving goods that are thoughtfully designed and handcrafted is a top priority. This is why they put so much effort into their entire process. From sourcing sustainable materials to their Flowcraft design technique, every detail on their incredible sound system is crafted with intention and care. No cords, batteries, or plastic are needed for this low-tech, zero waste speaker system. Designed entirely from durable and sustainably sourced birch wood and finished with smoothing flaxseed and beeswax, the Bitti Gitti speaker features a minimalist design that is ready for any adventure. With seven layers of precisely cut rings and a universal pocket design, it's compatible with any smartphone and will provide high-quality, amplified sound (a major level up from the phone's built-in system!). Sound vibrations travel through the box, increasing volume by 25 decibels with no added power source. Bitti Gitti believes in operating in the ‚sweet spotwhere this is the perfect blend between work and passion. With a focus on the slow process of handcrafting in an ideal environment, they developed the Flowcraft design method. The Flowcraft method involves employees working in a flow state. In this flow state, every detail is recognized and given close attention. The key to this method is working in a space where everyone is safe and comfortable and for Bitti Gitti employees, this often means their own homes! This model allows for their employees to work and create in their personal spaces which also leads to less environmental impacts like emissions from a daily work commute. By working remotely, Bitti Gitti is also able to keep prices lower due to fewer overhead costs.

Time Well-Spent

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