You may have never heard of BiOBUDDi–but they're here to take playtime by storm. Created in the Netherlands, they've become the first and only plant-based building blocks brand, thanks to their petroleum-free playtime blocks that are derived from plants–not plastic. We're proud to be one of the first US based companies to sell BiOBUDDi, bringing the innovative style of the Netherlands to our awesome community of Earth heroes!

BiOBUDDi's funky building blocks are made from what's left of the sugarcane plant after it's processed for food. Sugarcane is a naturally growing plant that is transformed into their unique, biobased blocks that can be stacked, shaped, and snapped into thousands of designs and shapes. But they're more than just a toy–these building blocks encourages development, creativity, and a healthy imagination. With every design, your little one develops their spatial awareness and motor skills. Plus, the building blocks prongs match the size of those other brands, making them 100% compatible with each other for maximum playtime!
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Build a Better Tomorrow

BiOBUDDi believes that everyone has the right to consume products that are safe for their health, and safe for the environment‚Äìand that includes your little ones! While most children's toys are made of plastic (which can contain some serious toxins), BiOBUDDi's toys and building blocks are derived from plants, with eco-friendly packaging, stickers, and instructions for a sustainable experience from start to finish. Even before the gears get turning to make BiOBUDDi toys, the forests of renewable sugarcane they use actively absorbs carbon gas‚Äìreducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. While most of the sugarcane plant is harvested for food, clothing, or medicine, the leftovers of the plant are used by processing mills as raw materials, and transforms it into ‚ethanol‚Äù‚Äìa type of alcohol. This ethanol is then used to make Green PE (aka Green Polyethylene), which turns into the durable, toxin-free BiOBUDDi toys that parents and kids love.

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