Butta by Belle Bar

Started in 2016 by three amazing women in Brooklyn, NY, Butta by Belle Bar is a family-owned business aimed at expanding inclusivity in the green beauty product market. Two of the founders, sisters Tianna and Solange, have always used their hair as a way to bond with each other. Even when they fought as kids, styling each other's hair was something that brought them back together. Their mother, Annette, passed down her beauty secrets and recipes, and they knew they had to be shared with the world. Annette also taught Solange and Tianna that all hair and skin types are different, so they learned to make their own recipes instead of making do with existing products on the market.

One night, over a few glasses of wine, the mother-daughter team created Butta by Belle Bar with the intention of bringing green beauty to Women of Color. Within six months of launching the website, they were working around the clock just to meet demand. These women have always had an eye for aesthetics and, from day one, have made their brand an experience – building the business into the multifaceted approach to natural beauty that it is today. Butta by Belle Bar has become a holistic support system for Black Women navigating their own natural hair journey by creatively combining the power of sustainability, natural hair-care, and digital education.

Noticing that Women of Color have largely been left out of the sustainability conversation, and with hopes of addressing the overwhelming lack of inclusive hair products on the market, Butta by Belle Bar started their line of non-toxic, all-natural organic beauty products that are designed for all textures and types of hair. Their goal is to help women through the natural hair journey by making the experience fun, easy, and effective – instead of overwhelming and exhausting. Whether you're looking to return to natural hair, or just need help maintaining your natural style, Butta by Belle Bar has got your back with inclusive products, education on natural hair-care, and community support for tips, advice, and motivation to help you love every kink and curl you have.

Natural Ingredients, Natural Beauty

Butta by Belle Bar is all about natural beauty ‚Äì made with natural ingredients and designed for natural hair. Noticing that products for Women of Color have largely been left out of the Green Beauty conversation, Butta by Belle Bar wanted to represent women that didn't have a seat at the table ‚Äì so they pulled up a chair.¬† This family business prioritizes quality ingredients because they know that our bodies deserve the best, and using harsh chemicals on our bodies daily just doesn't make sense. Instead, Butta by Belle Bar makes beauty products that are non-toxic, cruelty free, preservative free, fragrance free, and made with the best quality all-natural organic ingredients available. They source most of their ingredients from two sustainable organic farms that are both fair trade, energy efficient, and committed to zero waste. Since products that are made with water require preservatives to keep fresh, Butta by Belle Bar uses dehydrated ingredients instead ‚Äì guaranteeing that their products are all-natural and preservative free. The process of drying out plants and herbs actually concentrates most of the nutrients and vitamins, so products with dehydrated ingredients will deliver the ‚good stuffto your hair more efficiently than other water-based beauty products. Plus, without water, DIY products last longer, which helps to reduce waste. Butta by Belle Bar purposely designed their packaging with the goal of reuse in mind, encouraging less waste in their true-to-brand DIY fashion. Their blog has tips on how to creatively reuse all of the packaging for zero waste beauty. Their fun reuse suggestions include turning the box into makeup storage, reusing the jars for your own DIY products, using the Belle Bar pouches to store hair accessories, and refilling eyedropper bottles to store products for travel. So when you buy a Butta by Belle Bar product, you get a few bonus gifts, too! The founders of Belle Bar know that sustainability isn't just about environmental well-being, it's also about social well-being. The beauty industry is severely lacking proper representation for Women of Color. The founders of Butta by Belle Bar saw that Black models were being portrayed in a way that wasn't authentic throughout widespread marketing schemes. Not only do they miss the mark when it comes to presenting models, the beauty industry really drops the ball on making products for Black hair, too. There's a wide range of types and textures of hair, and most of them just aren't considered in mainstream beauty production. That's why the goal of Butta by Belle Bar is inclusion and proper representation ‚Äì making products that people actually need, designed with health and well-being in mind.

Time Well-Spent

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