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Mark Egide, founder of Avalon Natural Cosmetics, first met Mark Levin while working in a cruelty free cosmetic store in San Francisco. Starting as a small startup in Northern California in 1989, they teamed up with the mission of creating organic and natural beauty products with a purpose. In the next ten years, they went from working in a small warehouse, to running multiple factories, launching what was then Avalon Natural Cosmetics into one of the most recognized brands in the natural cosmetics industry. In 2006, Avalon was purchased by Hain Naturals, changing the name to Avalon Organics, while keeping the same dedication to transparency and honesty that built the brand.

Avalon Organics is founded on the belief that all beauty comes from our Earth, with a deep reverence for the planet and respect for all living creatures. This mantra inspires all of their beauty products. They use only the purest ingredients to make vegan and cruelty-free products that truly work. From transparency in their production processes, to third-party Organic and Cruelty-Free certifications, and even supporting government policies that bring education to girls in developing countries, Avalon Organics is determined to make a difference in any way they can.

Deep Rooted Beauty Care

Curated from pure and natural resources, Avalon Organics skin, hair, and body products are deeply rooted in a profound respect for the earth. They never stop searching for plant-based and organic ingredients from trusted sources to infuse in their ever growing line of beauty products, dedicated to being vegan and cruelty free. This means never testing products on animals, and only sourcing ingredients from suppliers that can prove they are not testing on animals. While it may take more time, the end result is powerful products that are safe to use, and safe for the Earth. Not only does Avalon Organics infuse their products with nature's finest, but they want you to know about it. That's why all their products are certified to either the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients, or the USDA National Organic Standard, which undergo rigorous third party testing to ensure you get the most transparent product available. By promoting honesty in every step of production, Avalon Organics creates products that are safe, effective, and conscious of the greater good. To further minimize their footprint on the planet beyond just using organic ingredients, Avalon Organics uses packaging from post-consumer materials and sustainably source paperboard, all of which can be further recycled after you receive it. Additionally, they test all their product formulas to evaluate their ability to biodegrade safely. From start to finish, Avalon Organics infuses their mission to make the world a better place into each and every product. But it doesn't stop there. Using profits from their products, they support government policies that give girls in developing countries access to a fair education. By joining forces with CARE, an organization dedicated to uplifting families and communities out of poverty, they are able to transform the lives of young people globally. Through this 3 year partnership, Avalon Organics hopes to open the door to education for nearly 31 million girls, encouraging empowerment through reading and writing.

Time Well-Spent

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