Alchemy Goods

In Seattle in the summer of 2003, product engineer and avid biker Eli Reich had his messenger bag stolen. Instead of purchasing a new one, he decided to try his hand at creating a bag out of a material that he happened to have a lot of: used bicycle inner tubes. Eli's bag was durable, water-resistant, and stylish, and quickly gained attention from friends and, soon after, local companies.

Alchemy Goods began small in the local Seattle area, but they quickly found their way into REI. Soon after, they started running low on bicycle tubes and had to reach out to bike shops all across the US to keep up with demand. Today, over 550 shops are involved in Alchemy Goods' recycling program!

Cycle, then recycle

Alchemy Goods is a huge proponent for upcycling, and they take pride in their ability to create something valuable out of materials that are seemingly useless. Since their birth in 2004, Alchemy Goods has kept over 425,000 bike tubes out of landfills. They don't do it all on their own, though. Alchemy Goods empowers both bike shops and individuals to make a difference by donating their used bike tubing to be put towards a greater purpose. We love their attention to the repurposing side of sustainability. It's a creative way to divert waste while creating products with great origin stories! Their business model is built on sustainable actions, and they create positive social and economic impact as well. As the number of tubes collected increases, more jobs are created, and more eco-friendly products are produced. Alchemy Goods is B-Corp certified, meaning the company meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. They also have gold-level status with the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program.  Inspired by necessity, innovation, and creativity, Alchemy Goods strives to provide consumers with products that embody their values and create a positive impact.

Time Well-Spent

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