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Use Less. Give Back. Explore More.

Who They Are

Zeal Optics creates high-quality eyewear made with outdoor-enthusiasts in mind. Equipped for both extreme adventure and chill leisure, their plant-based sunglasses not only shield eyes and enhance views, but are also backed by a core environmental mission: protect the planet and increase access to its beauty.

Started in 1996 by adventure-seekers and nature-lovers, Zeal has always been guided by three main pillars: Use Less, Give Back, and Explore More. Their admiration and gratitude for the planet is infused into each pair of eyewear, inspiring users to get outside and preserve the wild spaces to which they go.

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Why We Like Them

While it can be difficult to find high-quality sunglasses that combine eco-friendly materials, innovative design, and top of the line technology, Zeal Optics checks all the boxes (and more!). From their conception, Zeal has been deeply committed to reducing their environmental impact in both the production process and the outdoor community. Their stylish and durable frames are composed of a plant-based acetate that helps to reduce reliance on generic, petroleum-based materials and their lenses employ an unprecedented plant-based bonding agent! Each sunglass purchase also supports environmental and socially-driven nonprofits which means when the view gets better, so does the world.

Use Less: Zeal utilizes a manufacturing process powered by renewable resources, allowing them to forgo the use of fossil fuels. In addition to frames that are plant-based and free of petroleum by-products, Zeal proudly sets the standard for eco-friendly and technologically advanced lenses, as well!

Give Back: It is hugely important to the Zeal community that the positivity that the outdoors brings them is reciprocated. They partner with sustainability-focused non-profits like 1% for the Planet, the National Forest Foundation, and POW (the list goes on!) to ensure that the mark they leave on the planet is a good one. Zeal also works with organizations to increase access to nature for those who may otherwise not encounter such opportunities. Through their collaboration with Adaptive Adventures, SOS Outreach, and Epic Experience, Zeal has helped bring outdoor experiences to numerous groups of people, inspiring empowerment and instilling lifelong connections to the environment.

Explore More: Zeal tests their sunglasses in some of the gnarliest conditions with athletes and explorers alike, but you don’t have to be a dare-devil to embody this final pillar. Whether it’s on the side of a mountain or lounging by the sea, Zeal Optics will work to elevate your view and inspire a sense of purpose!

  • 1% for the Planet
    1% for the Planet
  • Charitable
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
    Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Plant Based Resin
    Plant Based Resin

This company partners with 1% for the Planet, a nonprofit organization that helps promote environmental stewardship. Members commit to donating at least 1% of their sales to the program, which helps connect them to high-impact environmental nonprofits across the globe.

This company donates a portion of their time or profits to charitable efforts in their community or abroad.

Some or all of the energy used to make this product is produced via renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or hydropower.

Plant Based Resins are used as an alternative to fully-synthetic plastics. Instead of using Petroleum as the main base ingredient to form plastic, some companies have started replacing a portion of the ingredients with plant and vegetable extracts. This lowers the amount of resources extracted to create purely synthetic products, and often provides a use for agricultural byproducts such as corn or flax. Some plant based resins are made from 100% plant materials, and can be composted in industrial facilities. EarthHero recommends checking with your local compost facility to determine which items are safe to compost.

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