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The global tradition of wrapping and unwrapping gifts is a magical interaction that lights up the holiday season. But what's the true cost to our environment? Did you know that during the holidays, people throw out enough wrapping paper to circle the globe 9 times? That’s around 4 million tons of wrapping paper waste annually. When Sara Smith heard this, she knew there had to be a more sustainable solution. She began researching and quickly realized the problem: most conventional wrapping paper is laminated, which makes recycling it impossible. 

Sara grew in the printing industry and had an affinity for old-fashion printing presses. As an adult, she began working in the publishing industry and that’s when she connected the dots. In 2013, Sara decided to create the answer for a smarter and more sustainable gift wrap and founded Wrappily on the magical island of Maui, Hawaii.

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Why We Like Them

Wrappily paper is printed with nontoxic soy-based ink on newsprint made from recycled content and is easily recyclable and 100% compostable at the end of its life. The paper is printed using old newspaper presses that would otherwise be idle due to lack of demand. Wrappily offers a wide array of designs that are elegant, fun, and stylish. Each sheet is double-sided, reversible, and created in collaboration with local artists.

From using it as gift wrap to making party hats and crafting with it, Wrappily is your sustainable solution for holidays, birthdays, craft time, and more. You and the gift recipient can feel good knowing that the environment has been considered in all aspects of your gift-giving.

  • Women Owned
    Women Owned
  • Plastic Free
    Plastic Free
  • recyclable
  • Compostable - EarthHero
  • Made in the USA
    Made in the USA
  • Low Impact Ink
    Low Impact Ink
  • Recycled Paper
    Recycled Paper

This brand is owned by a majority of women. This includes everything from a small one-woman shop to a larger company where more than 51% of women make up the ownership team.

No petroleum-based plastics are used in this product or its packaging. Plastic can be difficult to properly recycle, may never biodegrade, and is known to leech toxic chemicals into our bodies and environment. Single-use plastics also require extracting and processing of finite resources, so seeking out biodegradable, infinitely recyclable, or durable products and packaging is recommended whenever possible.

This product contains recyclable materials. It may be recyclable with curbside recycling collections, but might need to be sent to a special recycling facility. Contact your local waste-hauler or recycling facility for details. Appropriate facilities may not exist in your area.

This product contains material that can break down into soil in either a backyard or industrial composting system. These products are declared compostable by the manufacturer, but may not third-party certified. Contact your local waste-hauler or composting facility to determine where these materials may be accepted. Certain materials may be better fit for industrial facilities than backyard composting systems. Industrial facilities may not exist in your area.

This product was made in the United States. Buying locally made items helps to reduce harmful emissions that result from transportation during and after the production process. Purchasing products made in the United States also ensures that the items are produced in ways that meet strict safety and labor standards.

Companies can adopt multiple practices to print clothing, books, and catalogs in a more environmentally safe way. Low impact inks can include vegetable, soy, or water based alternatives, and generally do not contain harmful toxins like heavy metals or phthalates.

Recycled paper can contain both pre- and post-consumer recycled content. Once paper is sent to a recycling facility, it’s washed to remove any inks and converted to a watery slush called “slurry.” This slurry is spread and rolled to create different types of paper. This process keeps paper out of the landfill, prevents trees from being cut down, and saves the energy and resources needed to create virgin paper products.

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