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At EarthHero, we’re all about making sustainability more accessible. We also recognize that it’s not always easy to do the “right thing”, especially when you don’t know what that is! We truly believe that sustainability shouldn’t be a compromise or incite confusion or anxiety!

That’s why we work hard to help out our customers in every possible way we can. Whether that’s providing your favorite plastic-free essentials, or creating blog content that takes a deep-dive into eco-textiles, environmental anxiety, or microplastics – we want to be your one-stop resource. We’ve also come across some true eco-experts along the way. In our “EarthHero Library” you’ll find a collection of books that have helped us wrap our heads around the difficulties facing our planet and the various ways that we, as people, can get involved. We hope they will bring you inspiration and advice, too!

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Why We Like Them

It all started with The Story of Stuff. It’s the book where Annie Leonard, documentarian and environmentalist, follows up her famous film with an expanded book: The Story of Stuff. An exposé that dives into overconsumption and its effects on our health, economy, and the planet, The Story of Stuff provides steps to change the planet’s current environmental trajectory. This is the book that inspired EarthHero founder, Ryan Lewis, to use his distribution experience to bring our eco-friendly marketplace to life. 

But we couldn’t stop there! We’re constantly meeting and working with “the greats” in the Environmental community. From “The mother of Zero Waste” Bea Johnson, to one of our favorite partners and influencers, Kathryn Kellogg, we’re bringing our favorite books to you in hopes that they’ll also make their way onto your bookshelves and into your hearts. (Too cheesy? Well, we assume you geek out on sustainability as much as we do!) 

Have a favorite book that you’d love to see available on EarthHero? Email it to and we’ll try to make it happen!

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