Tampon Tribe

For women, by women

Who They Are

Tampon Tribe is a group of SoCal women who are breaking the cycle in the tampon industry. They believe that there shouldn’t be plastic anywhere it doesn’t have to be, and they’re REALLY against the whole single-use plastic thing. With this passion, they’ve taken on the tampon industry. They’re transparent about everything that goes into their tampons, and we like what we see! Their organic cotton tampons, pads, and pantiliners are plastic-free, dye-free, and compostable, so they’re healthier for your body and the planet.

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Why We Like Them

From start to finish, Tampon Tribe implements simplicity into all of their products. They start by growing low-impact GOTS certified organic cotton, grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers that benefit our planet, and ensure the cotton they later transform is pure. They leave it practically untouched, without adding perfumes, toxins, chlorine, or dioxins, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

They can’t stand one-use plastic, and don’t want to contribute to a growing waste problem. The average woman uses 9,120 tampons in her lifetime–Tampon Tribe is making an impact by removing plastic waste from the equation. As a whole, they avoid plastics completely, from their cardboard applicator to recycled paper wrappers and packaging.

They take responsibility a step further with their outreach. For each month’s worth of products sold, they give a day pack of feminine hygiene to homeless women. Tampon Tribe is committed to making personal care accessible to everybody, from intentionally keeping their prices low to reaching out to communities in-need.

As a company, they’ve committed to creating jobs for people who need a second chance in life, and train men and women in meaningful positions that will change their lives for the better. To take their impact even further, Tampon Tribe has partnered with Girls Inc., and hope to partner with many more as they grow. Girls Inc., much like Tampon Tribe, inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold. They provide young girls with their groundbreaking tampons, enabling girls to instigate change in any way they can.

  • Get One Give One
  • Empowers Women
    Empowers Women
  • Charitable
  • Safe & Fair Labor
    Safe and Fair Labor
  • GOTS Certified
    GOTS Certified
  • Organic Cotton
    Organic Cotton

The company furthers their impact by providing a service or donating an item for each product sold.

This company promotes the empowerment of women by providing safe employment opportunities and working conditions, promoting community programs and gender equality, or donating time or funds towards women’s education and empowerment opportunities.

This company donates a portion of their time or profits to charitable efforts in their community or abroad.

We support safe and fair labor practices when producing sustainable products. This company cares for their workers by fostering a safe work environment and providing their employees with fair wage.

The Global Organic Textile Standard is an international processing standard for organic fibers that covers everything from processing, packaging, and distributing organic fibers. GOTS certified products are labeled organic if they contain 95% or more certified organic fibers, and are labeled as “made with organic” if they contain at least 70% organic fibers. GOTS assures that textiles are produced with socially responsible labor and environmentally conscious manufacturing. Certified textiles must follow guidelines on chemical use, energy and water consumption, safety and living standards for employees, waste produced throughout the manufacture process, and more.

Organic cotton production uses zero chemical pesticides and fertilizers, promoting a healthier use of land and decreasing harmful agricultural runoff. By steering clear of toxic chemicals, workers experience less exposure to hazardous conditions, promoting social responsibility as well as environmental stewardship. Plus, farming methods for organic cotton have been shown to use up to 20% less water than nonorganic production methods. Choosing organic cotton eliminates the use of insecticides and other harmful chemicals, promotes efficient resource use, and results in a safer products and a cleaner planet!

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