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Who They Are

Adina Grigore was at a loss. Like many of us, she was having skin troubles that seemed never ending. Store bought products with the glorious promise of clear, radiant, and beautiful skin were giving results of anything but. Even “handmade” and “natural” products were a complete bust. Her skin was rashy and broken out and despite also being on skin medication, nothing was doing the trick. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, and for her, that meant doing the thing she hated most: “Do It Yourself” projects. Adina certainly would not describe herself as “crafty” or a “fixer-upper”, but she felt she had no other choice.

It was then that she decided to get creative and D.I.Y. her skin back to health! After experimenting with a few simple ingredients, her skin got better and stayed that way. Not only did she have healthier skin for the first time in a long time, but her routine got shorter and she was saving money, too! (Talk about a triple threat!) So, what started in Adina’s home kitchen 9 years ago has evolved into S.W. Basics: a range of skin care products that keep simplicity not only at the core of their values but at the core of their ingredients.

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Why We Like Them

Something that’s labeled as “certified organic” and something that’s labeled as “natural” are two completely different realms of products. One is tried and true, and the other is simply a marketing ploy. Can you guess which one is which? S.W. Basics makes sure their customers are well educated on the differences between the two seemingly harmless names. USDA Certified Organic is strictly regulated, under a strict code of cleanliness, grown without pesticides and fertilizers, and contains no GMOs. However, the “natural” label is unregulated, and legally means nothing–something natural can include up to 30% synthetic ingredients! Talk about being lied to! That’s why S.W. Basics is working hard to make sure all of their products are USDA Certified Organic.

In addition to their commitment to organics, S.W. Basics believes in the less-is-more philosophy. They take pride in their initiative to use fewer ingredients to come out with a more powerful product. You’ll never find unnecessary additives like synthetic ingredients or fragrances, just simple ingredients to make your skin feel good and look even better. They believe that “less isn’t just more; less is everything”. Why have many products with lots of ingredients (that you can’t even pronounce), when you can have one product, with pure ingredients, that does it all?

S.W. Basics wants you to experience the benefits of simplifying your life, starting with your skincare routine. If you can downsize that, then you can take those benefits elsewhere in your life, too! They want to be a pioneer in minimalistic skin and body care, encouraging customers to see that you don’t need a million products to get the job done right. All it takes is one quality product to see the results you’ve been looking for, and that’s what SW Basics provides.

  • Cruelty Free - EarthHero
    Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • B Corp
    B Corp
  • USDA Certified Organic
    USDA Certified Organic
  • Made in the USA
    Made in the USA

Cruelty Free is a certification process through PETA that labels products that are not tested on animals. All companies that are included on PETA’s cruelty-free list have signed a statement verifying that they don’t use ingredients or create finished products that help conduct or pay for any tests on animals.

This product does not contain any animal products or byproducts, and has not been tested on animals.

The B Lab is a third-party, non-profit organization that certifies companies as socially and environmentally responsible. B Corps are businesses that go above and beyond traditional business models and aim to create positive change in the world through their practices. These companies must meet rigorous transparency and accountablity standards, while doing what is best for people and the environment.

Products labeled as USDA certified organic contain ingredients that are produced without pesticides, petrochemicals, ionizing radiation, or synthetic preservetives. USDA certified products are categorized into three classifications. Items labeled as “100% Organic” with the USDA seal must only include organic ingredients. Items labeled as “Organic” with the USDA seal must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients, and cannot contain any of the USDA excluded methods or ingredients. Products labeled as “Made with Organic Ingredients” must contain at least 70% organic ingredients.

This product was made in the United States. Buying locally made items helps to reduce harmful emissions that result from transportation during and after the production process. Purchasing products made in the United States also ensures that the items are produced in ways that meet strict safety and labor standards.

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