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Who They Are

Sustain stemmed from a father-daughter duo with deep roots in the natural products industry. Jeffrey Hollender, founder of the all-natural product company Seventh Generation, first got his daughter Meika interested in this line of work through his expertise in non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This meshed well with her passion for women’s sexual and reproductive health, so together they created the first brand of all natural vagina-related products.

Sustain provides safe alternatives to traditional tampons, condoms, lubricants, and more–switching out harmful ingredients and materials for those that are good for your body, and the planet. With a focus on sustainably sourced materials, fair labor practices, organic ingredients, and the welfare of people and animals, you can feel confident knowing that sustain products are made responsibly.

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Why We Like Them

Sustain knows that sustainability and safety go hand in hand.

Founders Jeffrey and Meika learned that it’s way harder than it should be to find vagina-related products that are free from harsh chemicals like nitrosamines (found in most traditional condoms), parabens, plastics, pesticide residue, and other scary substances. To combat this, Sustain utilizes ingredients that are certified non-GMO, USDA Certified Organic, and cruelty free. By avoiding unnecessary chemical fragrances, spermicides, flavorings, preservatives, and more, Sustain keeps the sensitive parts of your body free from chemicals that don’t belong there.

They’ve also built a brand that puts the planet first. The rubber used in their latex condoms is sourced from an FSC Certified plantation to ensure safe and sustained land use to protect local ecosystems and communities. To cut down on chemical pesticides that harm workers and wildlife, Sustain only sources organic cotton for their tampons and pads. Plus, they even go one step further–ensuring each tampon applicator is made from bio-plastics to reduce their reliance on petroleum based plastics.

Finally, Sustain makes sure people benefit from their business. From providing educational opportunities and health care to the employees at their rubber plantation, to donating 10% of their profits to women’s healthcare organizations, Sustain makes sure that they don’t just talk the talk. Whether the issue is social equity, climate change, water pollution, population growth, or Fair Trade, they aspire to operate as a model for how a business can have a positive impact in every area it touches.

Don’t want to take our word for it? Sustain is also a certified B Corp, meaning they meet strict third party standards for social and environmental responsibility through each step of production.

  • Sustainably Harvested Rubber
    Sustainably Harvested Rubber
  • Paraben Free
    Paraben Free
  • NSF/ANSI 305
    NSF/ANSI 305

  • Organic Content
  • Charitable
  • Vegan
  • Empowers Women
    Empowers Women
  • B Corp
    B Corp
  • USDA Certified Organic
    USDA Certified Organic

Natural rubber is harvested by tapping the Havea tree and collecting the sap. Sustainably harvested rubber comes from forests that are carefully managed to avoid over-tapping, ensuring healthy rubber trees for the future. Some sustainable rubber tree management prohibits clear cutting to plant rubber plantations, and ensures the livelihoods of native peoples and local workers.

Parabens are synthetic chemical preservatives, commonly used in beauty products like shampoo, lotion, and deodorants. Parabens can accumulate in your body, and have been linked to hormonal disruption and reproductive problems. In studies of breast cancer patients, parabens have been found in the tissue of cancerous tumors–yikes! If you want to avoid Parabens in your beauty products, keep an eye out for methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and ethylparaben in the ingredients list.

The NSF/ANSI 305: Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients Certification helps to label personal care products that may not be eligible for USDA certification, as they are non-food items. Products are evaluated by an independent organization to assure they contain at least 70% organic ingredients by weight. NSF allows for limited chemical processing that is deemed necessary for the production of certain personal care products.

Organic materials and ingredients are grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, promoting a healthier use of land and decreasing harmful agricultural runoff. By steering clear of toxic chemicals, farm workers experience less exposure to hazardous conditions, promoting social responsibility as well as environmental stewardship. Choosing organic materials eliminates the use of insecticides and other harmful chemicals, promotes efficient resource use, and results in a safer products and a cleaner planet!

This company donates a portion of their time or profits to charitable efforts in their community or abroad.

This product does not contain any animal products or byproducts, and has not been tested on animals.

This company promotes the empowerment of women by providing safe employment opportunities and working conditions, promoting community programs and gender equality, or donating time or funds towards women’s education and empowerment opportunities.

The B Lab is a third-party, non-profit organization that certifies companies as socially and environmentally responsible. B Corps are businesses that go above and beyond traditional business models and aim to create positive change in the world through their practices. These companies must meet rigorous transparency and accountablity standards, while doing what is best for people and the environment.

Products labeled as USDA certified organic contain ingredients that are produced without pesticides, petrochemicals, ionizing radiation, or synthetic preservetives. USDA certified products are categorized into three classifications. Items labeled as “100% Organic” with the USDA seal must only include organic ingredients. Items labeled as “Organic” with the USDA seal must contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients, and cannot contain any of the USDA excluded methods or ingredients. Products labeled as “Made with Organic Ingredients” must contain at least 70% organic ingredients.

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