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Who They Are

Are you the kind of person that obsessively reads food labels and always chooses the freshest, healthiest ingredients you can find? Stasher founder Kat Nouri is the same way. She’s the daughter of a nutritionist and an athlete, so it’s in her blood. And, when she had children of her own, it became even more important to her to nourish them with pure foods that are free from dangerous chemicals and ingredients.

Then Nouri had the realization–she was preparing healthy food for her family, but she was storing it in plastic bags and containers, which are known to leach dangerous chemicals when they’re subjected to heat. She also felt guilty knowing that these plastic containers would sit in landfills or oceans for hundreds of years, eventually finding their way back into our food, water, and bodies.

For the past decade, Kat had already been designing innovative silicone products with her company Modern-Twist. With her experience and resource, she wanted to produce a healthier alternative to plastic bags–something with the functionality of plastic, but the purity of glass. And, Ta-Da! Stasher was born–the world’s first self-sealing, plastic-free bag.

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Why We Like Them

What exactly is silicone? Silicone is made from sand and oxygen, natural resources that give Stasher bags the purity of glass and the functionality of plastic. Stasher products are made from 100% pure platinum grade silicone, which is a standard even higher than food grade silicone, passing all U.S. safety requirements and even tougher European standards. We love Stasher bags because they contain absolutely no fillers or petroleum-based ingredients–no BPA, BPS, latex, and phthalates.  

Compared to regular plastic bags or containers, the uses for Stasher bags is almost limitless. They’re made from temperature resistant silicone, so you can bake, microwave, sous vide, boil, and freeze in a Stasher. They’re made to take whatever heat or cold your kitchen dishes out, no pun intended! Each Stasher has an airtight seal that locks in nutrients, flavors, and juices so your food always tastes fresh and delicious.

Worried about if this silicone is recyclable? Stasher purposely designed their bags so they’re as reusable as possible (we’re talking thousands of uses, people!). However, should you need to dispose of them, Stasher’s repurposing program will convert used bags into safe playground pebbles! This helps prevent the need to harvest new raw materials to make playground pebbles, reduces greenhouse gas emissions from refining new materials, and decreases the amount of waste getting sent to landfills. You can feel confident knowing Stasher bags will serve a purpose, even if you’re done with them.

  • Phthalate Free
    Phthalate Free
  • Sustainable Lifestyle
    Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Vegan
  • BPA Free
    BPA Free
  • Recycled Packaging
    Recycled Packaging

Phthalates are found in toys, electronics, personal care products, plastic wraps, containers, and more. These petroleum based chemicals help soften plastics, and bind fragrances to perfumes, deodorants, creams, and other personal care products. Phthalates are are not chemically bound, meaning they can easily get released into the air, water, or your body, just by using the products as intended. Phthalates have been found to disrupt the endocrine system, which can cause reproductive damage, hormonal imbalances, infertility, mood changes, metabolism changes, and more.

This product helps promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether it encourages re-use and the movement away from disposable products, or it promotes sustainable actions like recycling and composting, this product can help you lower your environmental footprint.

This product does not contain any animal products or byproducts, and has not been tested on animals.

Products that are labeled as BPA free do not contain Bisphenol A, a chemical commonly found in plastic products. Studies on BPA exposure have shown that high levels of BPA could lead to hormone disruption, effects on behavior and brain function, reproductive problems, breast cancer, heart disease, infertility, and more.

This product is packaged or shipped in materials that contain recycled content.

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