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Who They Are

Haiku’s mission is simple–to inspire others to lead healthy, inspired lives. This means being ready for anything that gets thrown your way, from the office to the grocery store, to your next outdoor adventure. Haiku knows that everyone needs functional bags and wallets that can stand up to fashion standards, yet hold their own on the shoulder of an active person.

That’s why each item is designed to be versatile and keep things poetically organized. Haiku knows people's lives are complex–and their sidekicks should be too. With pockets and features for everything you’ll need, Haiku’s set the standard for function. Haiku never wants their customers to say no to a detour just because they’re unprepared!

From their focus on sustainable materials to their give-back programs and strict labor standards, Haiku creates accessories that you can feel good about.

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Why We Like Them

Built for the outdoor person, Haiku knows that the accessories you wear shouldn’t hurt the planet you love. That’s why each of their bags is made from CyclePET, a certified brand of recycled polyester fabric. By keeping an average of 9 plastic water bottles out of the landfill for each bag they produce, Haiku is able to create functional bags with a lower impact on the environment. According to Haiku, using recycled polyester instead of its virgin counterpart reduces energy use by 50%, water use by 20%, and air pollution by 60%!

In addition to their focus on sustainable manufacturing, Haiku ensures that each bag is created in a safe and fair environment. Haiku is very up front with the fact that many of their bags are produced in China, where workers are well known for their craftsmanship and skill set in the bag-making industry. Haiku is in daily contact with their factory and visits twice per year, ensuring that their strict code of conduct is followed. They have no tolerance for child labor, forced labor, safety hazards, or coercion in their factories.

Last but not least, Haiku makes sure to inspire and promote women’s empowerment. Haiku supports Girls on the Run, a charity that encourages preteen girls to develop self respect and healthy lifestyles. They also donate products to various women’s organizations, and hosted their very own Haiku Supports Strong Women event, which serves to recognize incredible women in a variety of fields who are achieving their goals.

  • Empowers Women
    Empowers Women
  • Vegan
  • Charitable
  • Safe & Fair Labor
    Safe and Fair Labor
  • Recycled PET Fabric
    Recycled PET Fabric

This company promotes the empowerment of women by providing safe employment opportunities and working conditions, promoting community programs and gender equality, or donating time or funds towards women’s education and empowerment opportunities.

This product does not contain any animal products or byproducts, and has not been tested on animals.

This company donates a portion of their time or profits to charitable efforts in their community or abroad.

We support safe and fair labor practices when producing sustainable products. This company cares for their workers by fostering a safe work environment and providing their employees with fair wage.

Recycled PET utilizes salvaged post-industrial PET scraps and post-consumer products such as water bottles and other plastic containers. These plastics are dried, crushed, and spun into yarn in order to create recycled PET fabric, or polyester. By providing a use for recycled plastics, companies encourage recycling programs worldwide, while adding new value to discarded items. Currently, over half of virgin PET production goes towards making textiles, so by utilizing recycled PET, post-consumer materials are both diverting waste while taking the place of raw materials. This helps to reduce the demand for the extraction of oil, as well as energy used to produce new synthetic fibers.

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