CLOthing reVOlution

Who They Are

Long gone are the days of sub-par stockings, say hello to CLOVO!

The year is 2018. CLOVO founder, Megan, is attending college in Upstate New York and feeling very unimpressed with one of her closet essentials. Living in a brisk climate meant tights were a necessity for many months of the year if you wanted to wear a dress or skirt! After a lifetime of struggling with sagging, snagging, and an overall inferior fit, Megan set out to create CLOVO. First, she tackled the unfortunate sag that tights tend to do mid-way through the day. Adding a compressive short atop the stockings did the trick, helping to keep the fit in place and maintaining all-day comfort (unheard of in the world of tights!).

Driven by her desire to offer sustainable alternatives to traditionally unhealthy and unsustainable undergarments, Megan then got to work engineering a fabric that was comfortable, soft, and planet-friendly. Replacing the itchy plastic-based nylon found in traditional tights, biodegradable TENCEL Lyocell takes the stage and makes these cute and conscious pantyhose softer and more durable than conventional options. A top-notch design and an innovative fabric make CLOVO tights a game-changer for green closets everywhere!


Why We Like Them

CLOVO is short for the CLOthing reVOlution, so it makes sense that their innovative tights are truly cutting-edge! By replacing problematic, oil-based nylon with renewable TENCEL Lyocell, CLOVO is pioneering the world of sturdy, stylish, and most importantly, sustainable tights for all. TENCEL is renowned for its extreme durability (goodbye easily ripped tights!), moisture-wicking, and smooth, soft texture.

Generic sheer tights have an average lifespan of 1-5 wears before they start to snag, tear, pill, or simply fall apart. In addition to their synthetic makeup, this short time frame makes for a very unsustainable accessory choice. With CLOVO, fashion lovers no longer have to sacrifice comfort, money, or the planet when completing an outfit with a pair of sheer stockings!

  • Women Owned
    Women Owned

  • Lenzing Tencel
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
    Sustainable Manufacturing

This brand is owned by a majority of women. This includes everything from a small one-woman shop to a larger company where more than 51% of women make up the ownership team.

Tencel® is the Lenzing AG company’s patented form of lyocell; a material that utilizes sustainable tree farming and minimal waste processing. This certified fabric is made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees, which require little water and no pesticides or fertilizers to grow quickly. The pulp is processed using a non-toxic solution, and 99% of the solution is recovered and reused to process more materials. Tencel has a naturally white color, so no bleach or chlorine is required before the dying process.

Some or all of the energy used to make this product is produced via renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or hydropower.

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