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Who They Are

It all started in 2008 when friends Billy and Leah met while working in a Seattle retail shop together. They began dating soon after and knew they wanted to work together for the rest of their lives. Billy and Leah have backgrounds in creative industries and they soon realized their joint passion for jewelry making as well. Billy’s background was in jewelry making and graphic design and Leah’s was in apparel design. Their passion for thoughtful and well-designed products allowed them to create timeless styles that appeal to many people. Under the shared belief that quality, sustainable, and affordable jewelry handmade in the US was their path forward together, they started Baleen Jewelry in 2013 and have grown the company together ever since.

In 2015, the couple opened their first brick and mortar shop in Seattle. To this day, half of their shop is dedicated to retail, while the other half is used for production, packing, inventory, and shipping. With a small space, Baleen only needs 7 talented employees to produce and sell their handmade jewelry.

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Why We Like Them

The team at Baleen truly believes they have an inherent responsibility to the earth. They have baked in sustainability into their operations and always work to achieve the most sustainable and low-impact business practices possible. We are so impressed by their efforts both with their jewelry production and their studio. All of the jewelry that Baleen makes uses sustainable materials. Their cast items have recycled metals that are then dipped in gold for protection and aesthetic. Their resin items are made from cellulose acetate which is a plant-based, biodegradable plastic that comes out looking unique and chic. 

Even more impressive is that their production studio is zero-waste! This means that they are not only looking for recycled materials to make their jewelry, but they also make sure to properly dispose of any scrap metals and other materials that they don’t end up using. Much of their scrap metal can be repurposed by other manufacturers, or it is donated to schools that teach the art of handmade jewelry.

Baleen’s sustainability practices don’t stop there! Even their packaging is sustainable. For starters, their tags are printed on recycled paper in a facility that utilizes renewable energy rather than fossil fuels. Their gift boxes and shipping boxes are also made out of 100% recycled materials and are manufactured in the United States, which cuts down their carbon footprint. The last piece of sustainable packaging Baleen uses is honeycomb cut recyclable paper that is used in place of bubble wrap. Check out the amazing creations for yourself and shop Baleen below!

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