Non-Profit Spotlight: Intersectional Environmentalist

Non-Profit Spotlight: Intersectional Environmentalist

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Intersectional Environmentalist – your new favorite activist hub.

A fellow 1% for the Planet member, non-profit Intersectional Environmentalist is a resource hub for eco advocates and sustainability warriors who want to join a climate justice community that is uplifting people of color and historically excluded voices.

Maybe you’ve been a long-time fan who’s been utilizing their amazing tools and are one of their 413k Instagram followers. Or maybe this is all brand new, either way, Intersectional Environmentalist has tools for everyone. Their platform is filled with resources, information, and action steps to support intersectional environmentalism and address oppressive systems within the environmental movement.

Why it Matters

Promoting the creation of an inclusive environmental movement is crucial for everyone. Highlighting and educating on the vulnerabilities and nuances of discrimination within sustainability combats the overarching systemic social inequalities present within environmentalism. That is, supporting and practicing intersectional environmentalism helps close the gap between what and who is currently being included in sustainability and what and who we need to include in sustainability.

Coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw, “Intersectionality” speaks to the reality that inhabiting various identities uniquely affects one’s lives experiences. Thus, Intersectional Environmentalist works to combat and dismantle the belief that identities do not intersect and that environmental activism “belongs” to certain groups.

Their goal? Crafting a more equitable, just, and intersectional future for all people and the planet.

Quote from GreenMatters interview with Leah Thomas, Aug. 2020

EarthHero x Intersectional Environmentalist

We are so excited to be partnering with this amazing organization. Feb. 17th through Feb. 21st, 2021, we will be donating 10% of each order to this amazing organization. Your sustainable purchase will help support a more equitable future for all people and the planet.

What will this support?

While Intersectional Environmentalist is welcome to use the donations as they see fit, we do know what they will likely contribute to:

  • Their amazing podcast, Dismantle, which promotes joyful story-telling that empower, inspire, and support listeners as they continue and grow in their eco-journeys
  • Educational events and workshops (coming soon!) mean to promote community-building and spark local environmental action and other programming
  • Fairly paying BIPOC writers for their story and programming contributions to the Intersectional Environmentalist platform
  • Social community-building by supporting the upkeep of the IE website and social platforms, so that followers are able to have access to up-to-date and relevant resources
  • Staffing and support efforts to keep it all running!

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