Zero Waste Baby Registry

Zero Waste Baby Registry

Looking for sustainable products to help you start your baby's life off waste free? We have all the essentials you'll need from sustainable brands that care about the health of your baby and the planet!

If having a baby wasn’t hard enough, seeking out helpful, unbiased information can be close to impossible… especially if you’re trying to live sustainably! Plus, studies show that when people have children, they form new shopping habits that last for years, if not decades. That’s why EarthHero is here to help you discover ways to shop, and live, more sustainably with your growing family. Checkout our zero waste baby registry below for tips and tricks!

What you’ll learn:

  1. Low waste feeding products
  2. Essential zero waste products to keep your baby sound asleep
  3. How and why to use reusable diapers!
  4. The simplest way to bathe your baby & keep the environment clean
  5. How to buy clothing & toys with a lower environmental footprint

Sustainable Feeding Time

Baby Bottles

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When it comes to feeding your little one, be careful of what baby bottle you choose! Although the toxic chemical BPA has been banned in baby bottles and sippy cups by the FDA since 2012, if you’re thrifting or getting bottles donated second-hand, they may still contain BPA. If you prefer to buy new, opt for reusable and durable glass bottles, or non-toxic stainless steel. Not only do they usually keep milk fresher for longer, they’re made from recyclable and sturdy materials that are safe and effective for feeding.

One product we love for any family is reusable silicone baby bottle nipples! They’re uniquely designed to help your infant transition towards bottle feeding from breastfeeding. Plus, they come in a variety of flow speeds, so you can pick the perfect attachment for the specific age of your little one, reducing the amount of new baby bottles you buy!

Burping Cloths & Bibs

You can never have too many burp cloths and bibs. Let’s face it, babies are messy! But we suggest you opt for reusable options made from natural materials for your zero waste baby. You can go for a 100% organic cotton option like this set from Blaynk, or even Egyptian cotton from Under the Nile. No matter what brand you choose on EarthHero, we guarantee the materials are safe for your baby’s sensitive skin, and better for our environment! Then, when it’s time to clean, just grab a sensitive skin, baby-friendly laundry detergent, like these.

Zero Waste Utensils

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Once your little one is out of the bottle stage, you’ll need some baby-friendly utensils and dinnerware. Instead of choosing plastic alternatives, which are tempting because they’re lightweight and not too sharp, opt for a plastic-free option that is also reusable–not single-use. You can choose from organic and biodegradable bamboo, like this option from Bambu, or opt for flexible silicone like these options!

A Sustainable Night Sleep

The average infant sleeps about 14 to 17 hours a day… and will spend thousands of hours in their crib. Plus, baby skin is oh-so-sensitive, which means that your baby needs organic and natural sheets, blankets, and pajamas–and even a mattress. With Naturepedics’s organic line of baby products, you can achieve comfort for your baby while staying true to a sustainable lifestyle! Their organic crib mattresses and organic cotton sheets are made with certified organic cotton, then covered in a non-toxic and food-grade safe waterproof surface, and made with renewable power. It can’t get much better for your baby!

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When it comes to blankets, look for soft, organic materials that use less water, energy, and pesticide than conventional counterparts. These options from Under the Nile are made from certified fair trade 100% organic Egyptian cotton, and have a buttery soft feel that’s gentle on sensitive skin. Did you know that swaddling has been around for centuries to help lull babies to sleep? After you get a cuddly blanket, look for cotton swaddle blankets that are soft, organic, durable, and breathable–keeping baby happy all night long. And don’t forget to grab some onesies, as well!

Zero Waste Diapers

We understand the irony of calling diapers zero waste…. but they can be much less wasteful, with options from brands like Eco by Naty and GroVia! If you want to still go the route of disposable, but with a more minimal impact, we suggest Eco by Naty. Their diapers are made of biobased/plant-based materials, which requires fewer non-renewable resource inputs than traditional plastic-based diapers. Although they still have to be tossed after use, they aren’t made with plastic, and contain no chemicals like VOCs, paraben, latex, or added fragrance.

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Another option for a more zero waste diaper is reusable cloth diapers from GroVia! These can be washed and reused, making them the most sustainable way for your baby to go. The average family will use around 2,500 disposable diapers in the first year–and these greatly reduce the amount of single-use materials going to our landfills. Their baby-safe fabric is free of harsh dyes and chemicals like bleach, making sure your baby’s bottom is not irritated, reducing diaper rash. You can pair it with an option like disposable cloth diaper liners that make cleanup of the cloth diaper easier, and keep baby dry for longer. No matter what option you choose, pair it with an organic diaper balm, and you’re ready to go!

Clean Baby, Clean Planet

Although the FDA is capable of banning certain toxic ingredients, they currently have very few regulations in place when it comes to personal care products–which includes soap and lotion for babies and kids. Skin is the largest organ of the body, and is capable of absorbing the products we put on it, so it’s important to look out for non-toxic, natural, and sensitive-skin approved products, for yourself and your family.

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For skin hydration, opt for a natural formula like this baby oil from Fat and the Moon! It’s made from apricot kernel oil and jojoba, and contains no potentially harmful sulfates or phthalates like other options might. For cleansing, choose something gentle and castile-based like this unscented baby wash from Earth Mama Organics. You’ll want products that are effective–but also mild enough for the sensitive skin and hair on your little one. Pair these bath time essentials with a natural rubber bath toy and organic cotton baby towel, and your little one will look forward to tear-free time in the tub!

Now that baby is clean and cozy, don’t forget to trim their fingernails! Baby fingernails grow extremely fast, and they can accidentally scratch themselves with their new, super tiny, nails. Grab your favorite bamboo baby nail clippers, and get to trimming!

Ethical Clothing & Toys

The best way to lower your baby’s environmental footprint is to get hand-me-down clothes and toys from family, friends, or a secondhand store in town. This is not always possible, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to spoil their little one with a new toy or onesie? At Earthhero, we make it easy to find sustainable options to shop for! You can search for baby clothing by age or by category (tops, bottoms, onesies, accessories!) Our current favorite piece? These tiny socks that you can get a matching grown-up pair in from Solmate Socks.

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Little ones love toys…. but the planet? Not so much. Most toys today are made from plastic, and aren’t tested for potential toxins. Instead, opt for toys made from ethical materials like sustainably sourced wood, recycled plastic, or natural rubber and non-toxic silicone. Options like wooden sensory blocks are great for newborns as they help stimulate sensory abilities like touch, sound, and sight. Or inspire your child’s inner musician with wooden animal shaker toys! For a classic, sure-to-be-loved gift, you can’t go wrong with a pacifier buddy. Simply take your natural rubber pacifier, and attach the pacifier buddy, for cuddles and function at the same time.

Create Your Own Zero Waste Baby Registry

Now that you know what eco-friendly essentials you’ll want to look for as a parent, set up your zero waste baby registry! Perfect for letting friends and family know what to get you, or making baby shower gifts a breeze, setting up a registry will help you keep track of all the things your baby will need, without getting extra items you don’t. You can sign up for your registry here!

Having a child doesn’t mean you can’t live a mindful lifestyle. Start by looking for companies that actively work to minimize their environmental impact, and choose products that reflect the sustainable future you hope to see for your children. Using eco-friendly products in your child’s life will help grow up to continue these sustainable habits. What tips from this article did you love? Which products would you out in your zero waste baby registry? Tell us below!

And for even more eco-friendly baby products check out our 11 Natural Baby Products for the Eco-Friendly Mom!

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