Tips on Plant Based Eating from a Vegan College Student

Tips on Plant Based Eating from a Vegan College Student

This is a guest blog written by an EarthHero Campus Student Ambassador.

Hi! My name is Emma and I am a senior at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington where I am studying Human Development and Sociology.

You might have seen EarthHero’s emails and posts in the last few weeks touching on Veganuary, which is a pledge to live a plant based lifestyle for the month of January, with the aim of learning to incorporate more plant based items year round. After almost five years of eating a vegan diet, I have learned a thing or two about how to do it successfully and sustainably.

I started off eating bowls of potatoes and bananas and have now learned how to incorporate a variety of plant based foods into my diet which, have helped me maintain this lifestyle. So, as a part of the new series of guest blogs that ambassadors are doing for EarthHero, I thought I would share five of my best tips for how to maintain a healthy, satisfying, and fun plant based diet.

Plant Based Eating Vegan College Student | EarthHero Blog
  1. First off, start small!
    • Some people can dive headfirst into a lifestyle change, but for most of us, it takes gradual change. If you are looking to incorporate more plant based foods, this could start with going meatless for one meal a day. From there, maybe you eat vegetarian on the weekends or weekdays. And even if you don’t end up 100% vegan by the end of it, each time you choose plant based options, you are helping the earth and creating long lasting impact.
  2. Follow plant based bloggers & influencers online!
    • Instagram, YouTube, blogs, and even TikTok are amazing, free resources that can help you figure out how to make vegan meals and introduce you to new foods that you may have never cooked with before!
    • Some of my favorites are:
      • @alexafuelednaturally: Alexa is a Latina vegan Instagrammer who “veganizes” a lot of Mexican dishes and comfort foods
      • @minimalistbaker: Dana is basically the original plant based blogger and I’ve never been let down by any recipe I’ve made (check out her cinnamon rolls, you won’t regret it!) She also is not 100% vegan and could be a good resource for someone who is just looking to incorporate more plant based foods
      • @frommybowl: Caitlyn Shoemaker is a blogger and Instagrammer whose recipes are approachable, affordable, and tasty. Most of them are gluten-free too!
      • @iamtabithabrown: Tabitha is the cool vegan mom we all want to be who also happens to be TikTok famous. Her recipes are to die for and are relatively straight forward!
      • @emilieeats: Not only does Emilie make amazing recipes but she is a dietician and is a great resource for making sure you are eating a balanced, healthy diet!
  3. Remember that everyone’s diet is going to look a little different!
    • When I first went vegan, I thought I was going to only eat starch for the rest of my life. While that may work for some people, I need some protein! Nut butters, tofu, meat substitutes, and protein powder are all different ingredients that I integrate into each meal to make sure I feel satiated without meat, eggs and dairy. I also want to emphasize that I don’t believe that a plant based diet will work with everyone’s body. And that’s okay! But no one can disagree that plants make you feel good. One of my favorite Instagrammers, @lizmoody, describes her diet as one that uses meat as a condiment, rather than the main course. I absolutely love this mentality because, as myself and my friends at EarthHero proclaim, sustainable living must be sustainable for you.
  4. Be curious and adventurous!
    • My guess is that if you are checking out a plant based diet, you are already a curious-enough individual to be unafraid by foods you may have never interacted with. Whether this is a plant based meat alternative, a new non dairy milk, or nutritional yeast, there are a lot of vegan products that may seem unusual on the surface – but are actually really delicious! Take the time to try new ingredients – and if you find out you hate lentils, that’s okay! Also know that there are plenty of recipes out there for veganized classics like hamburgers, mac and cheese, and chocolate cake!
  5. If you have the resources, check out some cool vegan spots in your city! They are a great way to find inspiration for your own recipes while also supporting small businesses. A great website to find local restaurants is HappyCow!

As a vegan, I am always looking for companies that align with my vision for sustainable living. EarthHero is just that and I can’t help but plug them! If you have wanted to purchase something from the website and were hesitating, this is your sign to do so. Just search “vegan”, or look for the Vegan Sustainability Logo on products! In upcoming weeks, a few Campus Ambassadors will be taking over @shopearthhero’s Instagram to share some of their favorite products but until then, use my link or reach out to me on Instagram @emma.brand for recommendations and 10% off!

If you’re a college student who’s passionate about sustainability and you’re interested in joining EarthHero’s Campus Student Ambassador Program, apply here!

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