Q&A with Everywhere is Queer

Q&A with Everywhere is Queer

Learn more about how Everywhere is Queer is changing the way queer folks travel and connect with one another around the world.
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Learn more from Everywhere is Queer, an organization dedicated to connecting queer travelers and adventurers to queer-owned businesses across the country (and the world). Founded by Charlie Sprinkman (he/they) after traveling across the United States, Everywhere is Queer is growing steadily to make traveling and connection more accessible for queer folks everywhere.

We’re so happy to hear from you, especially as a former EarthHero employee. How has everything been?

Hi! Things are going well, I am happy to call Bend, OR my chosen home for now and have built a wonderful community (mostly queer) here in Bend :)! I hope all is going well for y’all.

PC: Kate Hope (@thewildwithinus)

As you know, we’re hosting a promotion with Brave Trails, an organization you personally volunteer for. How did you initially get involved with them?

My friend Wyn (Pattiegonia) introduced me to Brave Trails. I volunteered for Brave Trails in July 2021 and had one of the best weeks of my life. Truly a euphoric experience being in a space of 100 queer folks. I am excited to head back to camp in July to volunteer at Session 3!

LGBTQIA+ youth often communicate feeling unwelcome or alienated within sustainability and outdoor spaces. How do you feel queer liberation is tied to environmental justice?

Sustainability and outdoor spaces are a privilege. As a cis white queer folk, I acknowledge to even be a part of this article is a privilege. I hope that the community we are building with Everywhere Is Queer all over the world, will empower queer folks to get outside more often. With the small action of getting outside often, I am confident we will start to see folks starting to appreciate your environment more (make more sustainable decisions)!

You founded Everywhere is Queer. Can you tell us a little about that experience, and speak to what inspired you? Where do you see Everywhere is Queer in the next few years?

PC: Kate Hope (@thewildwithinus)

Everywhere Is Queer came to mind when I was driving back from Brave Trails. I wanted to create something where more people could feel that euphoric feeling of safety and non-judgment. As I was driving back, I pulled over to see if a worldwide map of queer-owned businesses existed and I couldn’t find anything. When I got back to Boulder (where I lived at the time), I jumped into my computer and started figuring out a way to create something like this. Here we are :)!

I have big hopes for EIQ! I am currently talking with a celebrity about doing a big joint project (I can’t share quite yet what it is). I just launched the Out Loud Beer Project with our friends at Goldspot Brewing in Denver, Colorado. Any brewery can make their own style of Out Loud beer while 25% off sales will be donated to queer businesses making a difference!

We will see what tomorrow brings with EIQ :)!

As an outdoor enthusiast, do you have a favorite outdoor space or hiking trail you have a fond memory of?

I am grateful for my upbringing and having had access to a lot of outdoor spaces. As a kid I was always playing outside, this was before technology was in our faces constantly. I am grateful for my upbringing and the amount of trails and lakes I was able to adventure around!

Anise + Clove Cleansing Tooth Oil on EarthHero

Do you have a favorite EarthHero product (bonus if it’s one that gives back to the community)?

The Anise + Clove Tooth Cleansing Oil by Fat and the Moon is one of my favorite products that I obviously use twice a day :)!

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