May 2021 Staff Picks: What We're Loving For Summer

May 2021 Staff Picks: What We're Loving For Summer

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Hydro Flask | Flex Sip Coffee Mug 16oz

“I finally took the plunge and got this fancy shmancy coffee mug – it seriously keeps cold things COLD and hot things HOT for so long and was worth every cent! The cap is easy to open and close without worrying about spillage, and it’s the perfect size for a backpack pocket. I loved it so much, my partner wanted one as well!”
Grace, Community Experience Team

Brush With Bamboo | Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper

“When we had to start wearing masks last year, I realized how crucial it was to keep my breath smelling fresh. I had no idea that cleaning my tongue was such an essential step in dental hygiene, and since then, I have cycled through several plastic tongue scrapers. Lo and behold, the Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper was the perfect solution! It removes build-up so much better than any other scraper I have used before, and the flexibility of it allows me to reach further back in my mouth. This tongue scraper comes package-free and will last for years on end. Easy to clean, easy to use, 10/10 from me.”
Danny, Warehouse Support Associate

Cotopaxi | Del Día Trece Laptop Sleeve 13 in

“As an avid traveler, this is something that I knew I needed! Cotopaxi makes every purchase fun because you know you are saving scraps that would rather be in the landfill. This laptop sleeve is perfectly padded and easy to use. Also c’mon a little more color in our lives is good for the soul. As we roll into Pride month – Cotopaxi is a great place to spice up the color in your life. I will be a Cotopaxi fan for life!”
Charlie, Community Experience Team

Happy Earth Apparel | Sirius’ Howl Organic Cotton Tee

“I enjoy learning about the different ways that apparel brands are manufacturing and finding their niche within the sustainability space and I love watching EarthHero partner with these brands to bring these concepts and assortments to our customers. Each time we bring on a new apparel brand it gives me an excuse to test out the comfort and fit. I really love my Sirius Howl t-shirt from Happy Earth Apparel, made from 100% organic cotton. It’s a great color and fit and I look forward to buying more.”
– Jeff, Chief Operating Officer

The Root Board | Yoga Bamboo Root Board

“Right around the time that I enrolled in a formal 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, I also moved to a new apartment, sans wood floors. I was struggling to find the right support for my mat in the new place with only tile and carpet to choose from. Then I got the Root Board! With the Root Board, I just roll my mat on top, and have a studio-like experience, right there in my carpeted apartment! When I’m done, I just slide the two pieces under my bed. It’s super sturdy and helps to provide a strong foundation for my practice – I’ll never go back to mat-on-carpet again!”
Becki, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

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