March Staff Picks: Products for Reducing Everyday Waste

March Staff Picks: Products for Reducing Everyday Waste

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UNPASTE | Fluoride Free Toothpaste Tablets

“Fellow EarthHeroes! UNPASTE has changed the game in the toothpaste world. Have you tried toothpaste tablets before? If so, too salty? Not minty enough? These toothpaste tablets are the perfect mint level and not salty at all. I couldn’t believe how awesome my mouth felt after brushing my teeth with one of these tablets. They truly have the formula down! Also, please know we are not paid by UNPASTE to write this review – this is right from my Mother Earth loving heart :). I had my roommates try these and our home will only be using these tablets from here on out – we are so impressed. Plus, they’ve got an option with fluoride if that works better for you. Great work UNPASTE!”
Charlie, Customer Service & Administration Specialist

River Organics | Bronzing Makeup Stick

“I’m a minimal makeup gal. The less effort, the better. With this stick, I can add a little bit of color with zero effort (and zero waste, thanks to the compostable paper tube!). The color is a slightly sunkissed bronze without any harmful sun rays. I have a feeling this will be in my rotation for years to come! “
Grace, Customer Service & Administration Specialist

Petphoria | Peanut Barker Organic Dog Treats

“My pup, Roo, is LOVING our new treats from Petphoria! We’re in the middle of training and the ‘Peanut Barker’ flavor has been a huge help in incentivizing her to learn. Every time we pop open the (plastic-free!) cardboard tube, she starts whining. She’s not the most food-motivated, so this was pretty exciting for us! I’m so pleased that the ingredients are all-natural and organic. Plus, Petphoria partners with the Wisconsin-based Eisenhower IKE Center to produce these yummy bites. Each treat is handmade by adults living with disabilities, offering a safe work environment and an opportunity for skill-based learning. I can’t wait for Roo to try the other flavors. I know they’re going to be a huge hit and a happy pup is a happy Ellie! “
Ellie, Sustainable Sourcing Manager

D’BRIS Shoes | Black Recycled Unisex Sneaker

“When I first read about what inspired founders Joe and Magnus to make D’BRIS, I knew exactly how they felt. After an afternoon in a skatepark, one of them had busted through yet another pair of shoes, and, feeling defeated and wishing there was a better way, tossed them in the trash. Now I can’t land a kickflip to save my life, but I also can’t count how many torn up and busted shoes I’ve left in my wake. Finding D’BRIS, a super comfortable shoe made of recycled ocean plastics and discarded tires designed to be so durable even skaters can’t bust them, made me almost embarrassingly excited. Plus, they look great! I’ve worn them nearly every day since they arrived and expect they’ll be my go-to shoe throughout the summer.”
– Damir, Online Product Merchandising Associate

RADIUS | Vegan Vanilla Mint Floss

“I’m a big fan of this floss! It’s vegan, soft on your gums, and has all natural ingredients. I personally enjoy using the vanilla mint flavor – it’s got that minty freshness with a touch of sweetness that’s really enjoyable. And the packaging? Zero waste AND surprisingly durable and functional. A total win for me and my teeth!”
Jen, Brand & Digital Marketing Strategist

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