Staff Picks: Dog Approved Products

Staff Picks: Dog Approved Products

Learn about the eco-friendly products our pups are loving right now. From treats to toys and everything in between. Becoming a conscious pet owner is easy with EarthHero.

Baby's Picks:

Flowfold | Trailmate Reclaimed Climbing Rope Dog Leash + Beco Pets | Compostable Dog Poop Bags

“I love going on walks with my person, but I am sure to keep her on a leash so that she is close by while I wander around… or else I’m sure she’ll get lost. As much as I love trash (and knocking it over, eating it, etc!), I want to keep trash out of our landfills so my favorite leash is made out of reclaimed and upcycled climbing rope. It’s super durable too, so it won’t break or fray while I’m running after squirrels and saying hello to my neighborhood dog friends. While I am walking my person, it is also her job to pick up my poo and carry it the entire journey – which she does with compostable bioplastic dog baggies. The bags are extra large and thick (like me), and make it easy for her to reduce the amount of plastic we produce every day!”

Aspen's Pick:

Beco Pets | Dolphin Rough + Tough Dog Toy

“I’m a tough chewer – most toys don’t stand a chance with my tiny sharp teeth! My mom got me this toy last year and it’s been a favorite quarantine, yet, has stood up to many, many playtimes! I like to play with it on my own (my favorite part is the SQUEAKER) but I also love when someone throws it to me to play catch. I can spend hours playing with this guy. I’d love to play with the turtle next!!”

Frida's Pick:

Beco Pets | Hemp Ball + Loop Dog Toy

“Nom nom nom – hemp is so tasty! I love gnawing on it with my teef, but Mom and Dad like to try and take it from me. What’s up with that?! Too bad I get a reallllll good hold on it , because I don’t like letting go! Plus, it’s hard to break, so my parents don’t need to buy me toys over and over again – I have plenty of fun with this one, and it will last me a long time! Life is good 😎”

Gabe's Pick:

Boba & Vespa | Hemp Dog Bone

“I LOVE TO DESTROY. For me, it’s a personal failure if a toy lasts longer than a week. Once, in my younger, wilder years, I even ate my mother’s passport a day before she was supposed to go on a trip. But now that I’m the old and wise age of 5 (see my gray whiskers?), I only like to destroy toys that are safe for me — and easy to clean up. That’s why my favorite toy is the Hemp Dog Bone from Boba & Vespa. It’s hard to rip apart, but when I finally make my way into that sweet, sweet fluff, I can rest easy knowing it’s all organic cotton and hemp, meaning my parents can just toss it into the compost. Talk about a small carbon pawprint. I’m such a good boy.”
– Gabe

Charlie's Pick:

Ware of the Dog | Hand Crochet Dog Toy

“Hi! My name’s Charlie. For years I loved my favorite toy turkey for years. However, I recently destroyed him by accident. When I was introduced to my new friend, Ozzy, I just wasn’t sure. Well, boy was I wrong. He’s the best! His squeaker is amazing, and I love his natural texture. In addition, he’s super tough and the perfect size. I just know we’re going to be friends for years!”

Zeppy's Pick:

Chippin | Cricket Dog Treats

“My name is Zeppy, and I go head over paws for my Chippin treats! I never tried crickets before I tasted Chippin, but turns out I LOVE them – especially with their yummy flavors like BBQ, peanut butter with pumpkin, and banana with blueberry. My mom also says that crickets are a sustainable source of protein, which I guess is cool. To all my doggo friends, give a polite bork for Chippin – you won’t regret it!”
– Zeppy

Roo's Pick:

Awoo Pets | Huggie Dog Harness

“Hello everyone. My name’s Roo and I’m a beagle/cattle dog mix. I love long hikes, pillows, and getting my teeth brushed. I hate harnesses and usually run under the couch when my parents try to put me in one. Until now! I just got the Awoo Pets Huggie Harness and I’m now living my best life. It’s made from recycled plastic water bottles which makes my mom happy and means it’s lightweight and breathable for me. I have a large chest and most harnesses are too tight and rub against my elbows. The Huggie harness fit perfectly, I went with a medium because I’m pretty muscular – no big deal. Plus, it’s got a front loop for my leash so I can’t lunge for small animals while on walks (I resent this but understand that it’s for the best).


This blog was originally written in June 2021 and was updated in May 2023

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