July 2021 Staff Picks: Plastic Free July

July 2021 Staff Picks: Plastic Free July

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Meliora | Organic Castile Dish Soap

“I visited my family for the first time in over a year and my Parents had the Meliora Castile Soap on their sink. So proud to see it! While I was using it this week, I really loved how easy it was. I’m still using a Castile liquid soap at my apartment, but I think being able to try it out like this has finally made me switch to solid dish soap! Plus, the lemon scent was light and perfect for summer.

It pairs perfectly with any of the dish brushes we have (she’s using the Full Circle Be Good Dish Brush here). My favorite part? You can put it in any small dish you like to switch between seasons or whenever you thrift a new one!”
Grace, Senior Community Experience Specialist

Albatros | Take Back Ware Recycled Silverware Set

Albatross Takeback Ware

“It’s outdoors season and I was looking for great silverware to use for camping. I am super happy with this set by Albatross. It’s small, lightweight comes with a bag, AND it is very easy to clean! This reusable utensil set is made of recycled stainless steel, partially from shaving razor blades – how impressive is that? I take it very seriously when it comes to “take only pictures and leave only footprints.” So let’s be plastic-free, enjoy our beloved mother nature, and pack reusable silverware on our camping trips!”
– Niko, Inventory Manager

EarthHero x Jiggy | 500 Piece Puzzle

“I recently needed to find a meaningful father’s day gift, which is always a challenge for me with him being more or less a minimalist. However, our newest collaboration with Jiggy turned out to be the perfect gift. He and my stepmom love crafting and doing puzzles, but they went out of their way to let me know how much they loved working with the high quality, well-cut pieces as well as the positive message while working through it. And most importantly, I’ve now got another year before having to figure out what’s next! :)”
Ryan, Founder & CEO

Bees Wrap | Beeswax Wraps

“I use my Bees Wrap every single day. I use it to preserve half-eaten cucumbers or melons, to cover left-overs, to wrap up a sandwich for a hike, it even keeps half-eaten avocados fresh and green (not an easy task). I haven’t had a need for plastic wrap since I got my Bee’s Wrap, and I don’t plan on going back!”
– Daley, Content and Email Marketing Specialist

Badger | Natural Anti-Bug Spray

“Every summer, I am reminded of how loved I am – by mosquitoes. I spend a lot of time outdoors, hanging out at creeks, rivers, lakes, and campsites. As much as I love the outdoors, bugs drive me crazy, but not enough to make me spray harsh chemicals onto my body. I love Badger’s Anti-Bug Spray because it works super well, uses natural ingredients, and smells great!!”
Chris, Sustainability & Community Experience Manager

Elate Cosmetics | Makeup Supplies

I love having fun with makeup – but what I don’t love is all the plastic packaging that tends to come with it. Enter Elate Cosmetics! I use their foundation, brow wax, mascara…basically everything of theirs that we offer on EarthHero. Their brushes are also amazing! Elate uses ingredients that give me the look I want without irritating my sensitive skin. Plus their refill options mean a plastic free, far less wasteful lifestyle for me. Check them out!”
– Jen, Brand + Digital Marketing Strategist

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