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How to Plan a Sustainable Bachelor Party

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Getting married is an incredible time in anyone’s life. That’s why it should be as stress-free as possible. From the right clothes to the perfect venue, there’s enough to worry about. And the days leading up to the “big day” should be a celebration as well, not bogged by nerves. Keep reading on to learn how you can make your bachelor party a memorable one that’s still aligned with your sustainable values. Don’t worry, we have you covered! Eco-friendly and sustainable bachelor party, here we come!

The Invitation

When it comes to sending out the invites, there might be no better way than sending a group text to your best friends. But we all have different styles, so if you prefer something a little more prepared and elegant, there are plenty of options to choose from: ecards, eco-friendly physical cards, and more.

For the tech-savvy get-together

Photo of a black and gold envelope with an invitation on the front of a champagne bottle graphic uncorked and pouring champagne.
Greenvelope’s Calls for Champagne Invitation by Lori Danelle

For the digital giant, you can send an e-vite. It’s easier than ever since all you need are your attendee’s email addresses and a little creativity. Nowadays, there are several companies out there that make beautiful online cards customized for your event. One we recommend is Greenvelope because they have a myriad of templates for all styles. Plus, they’re a part of 1% for the Planet which means that 1% of the profits from your purchase goes to social and environmental causes. You’ll be able to wow your guests with stylish choices and your take on colors, themes, and design elements.

For the busy traditionalist

Tree-Free Greetings Spread Sunshine pack comes with 16 cards!

However, if you’re someone who prefers traditional invitations, we have just the thing for you. On our EarthHero website, you’ll find an assortment of invitation cards made from recycled content. Tree-Free Greetings is our favorite because they’re 100% solar-powered and use vegetable-based inks in their designs. While most cards on our website are holiday-related, you can also find a variety of eco-friendly blank cards for your bachelor party invitation. And since we know you’re extremely busy (from making final tweaks to your searching chart, picking the right playlist, and pre-writing thank-you emails), you can rest assured that when you buy from us, your package will be shipped within 5-8 business days. But, more likely than not, it’ll ship the same business day! That way, your sustainable bachelor party starts off right!

For the stylish modernist

A photo of handmade bachelor party cards, one that is designed like the back of a wedding dress and the other like a groomsman's suit.
A beautiful card design by CreativvoWedd on Etsy!

If you want some design and flair, but also love supporting local or small businesses, look no further than Etsy. Not only is Etsy a global (and local) marketplace to support creative businesspeople, but they ship 100% carbon neutral – wow! From hundreds of designers to choose from, you’ll be able to pick just the right card. From 3-D to sparkly invitations, Etsy has what you need. Plus, you can even get a photo from your wedding photoshoot included if that’s your jam.

A unique alternative would be creating a job posting for handmade bachelor party card invitations and sharing it at your local art school. That way, you’re not only helping a student add to their portfolio, but you’re supporting arts education and showing community support.

For the romantic letter-writer

There are tons of free templates online for you to use and gain inspiration from. From the envelope design to the font type and paper look, you can create your perfect romantic rendition. Just remember to pay extra attention to the sustainability features of the paper, pen, envelopes, etc. that you’re using to create your masterpiece. This can include FSC or SCI certified paper, refillable pens, recycled envelopes, and so much more! Luckily, on EarthHero, we vet all of our brands and products meticulously, so check out our Office page for some potential writing tools.

Pro Tip: Spritz a little of your go-to scent (bay rum, lavender, sandalwood, or rose are nice options) to add a little elegant flair to your eco-friendly invitation! Don’t add too much, and be mindful of any of your invitees’ sensitivities in case they’d rather not have a scented invitation.

The Preparation (Gift)

When it comes to wedding parties, expressing your gratitude is key to making a lasting impression and sustaining positive relationships.

As such, one neat way of doing that is by giving them bachelor party gifts. And no, we’re not talking about tacky tiaras or polyester sashes. We’re talking usable and practical gifts that they’ll keep using for years to come. Bonus if the gifts also help with making the bachelor party itself more sustainable. More on that in a second.

Did you know you can make a custom gift box for your friends? Drop us a line and we can figure it out together so your sustainable bachelor party is perfect for you and your group. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any missing items or mismatching gifts. We handle it all! Just be sure to give us some notice so the beautiful boxes are ready when you need them.

The Perfect Sustainable Bachelor Party Gift

What better way to show your bachelor party that you care about them than getting unique, eco-friendly, and gorgeous gifts. You can rest assured all of our products on EarthHero are carefully selected, so reach out of you need any help.

Here’s our curated “sustainable bachelor party gift bag”, with a selection of incredible and sustainable products. Here’s what we’ve selected:

The Perfect Bag
  • The Dunia Tote Bag from Terra Threads is a great bag choice because it’s made with heavyweight GOTS certified organic cotton and comes in 10 beautiful colors (from lavendar to mustard to ruby red). Plus, the purchase of each bag donates 20 meals to kids and families through Feeding America!
Go-to Eco-friendly Accessories
  • A Classic Insulated Tumbler with Straw and Lid 16oz from Klean Kanteen also comes in a myriad of colors. You can choose Brushed Stainless for a modern look (like in the picture), Emerald Bay for a little flair, or Juicy Pair for bright contrast. We love these tumblers because they have a double-wall vaccuum insulation which makes them perfect for hot or cold drinks. You can take them with you to get mojitos and beer, or for the morning afterwards for fresh coffee!
  • A set of Evening Sky Organic Hair Scrunchies from KOOSHOO are perfect for putting your hair up on the dance floor or for a mud facial before bed. They’re completely plastic free and fair trade too, made with GOTS certified organic cotton for a soft feel.
For Beauty and Care
  • A Healing Lip Salve from Fat and the Moon is just the thing for chapped lips or to put underneath (or instead of) lipstick! This formula is great for sensitive skin too (rough elbows?) and doesn’t leave you shiny. Plus, it’s handmade in small batches so you know it’s made with love!
  • A Green Theory Clay Face Mask by Bell Mountain Naturals is excellent for day-before-wedding preparation. Ideal for acne-prone skin, the clay formula is ideal for exfoliating skin and leaving it refreshed with matcha and spinach.
  • The Refillable Peppermint Hand Sanitizer 2oz by Plaine Products is a great way to promote sustainable habits. Your besties will be able to get theirs refilled quick and easy, and won’t have to worry about plastic containers. Plastic-free and made with aluminum, it’s also easy to recycle at the end of its life!

Want to hand-pick variations of this bag or have your own ideas? Reach out to us — we’d love to help make your eco-friendly celebration amazing!

The Celebration

For the Foodie

If you and your friends plan your hangouts around meals, why not make your bachelor party a food-focused activity too? Book a table (or room) at your favorite restaurant and have a blast. Consider letting them know that you’re celebrating a wedding and ask if they could make it extra special. Whether offering a dessert sampling, conversation with the chef, or a little cooking tutorial, there’s plenty to do. Be sure to bring those reusable straws and hand sanitizer!

Alternatively, you could book a group cooking class and try making some of the delicious goods you eat out. A decadent baking course, Thai street food, or Italian pasta rolling course are great options! Just remember to ask ahead and ask if they compost their scraps or if you’re able to take any extra food home. Check out our zero waste on the go products for help!

For the Gamer

For the game lover, you can keep your celebration simple by inviting everyone over and asking them to bring their favorite board and video games. You can spend the night eating pizza, drinking beer and wine, and maybe even doing a little karaoke. What better way to control the waste and truly cherish each other’s time.

Photo of Jenga blocks from Bureo on EarthHero with fishing net used to make it and the beach in the background.
While you don’t need to take your games to the beach, Bureo’s Jenga set is perfect for any occasion. It’s made with recycled fishing nets and is designed with sea creatures!

However, if you’re lucky enough to have a retro arcade bar, board game restaurant, or something similar, head over there and book a table for a few hours. Pro tip: be extra prepared and bring your own coaster and unpaper towel for any messes, and so you’re not using paper napkins.

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

If you’re all about nature and being outdoors (and the weather permits), you can go on a guided hiking tour or overnight camping trip. This might take a little extra research, but it’s well worth it for a sustainable bachelor party! Getting to spend time outside, gazing at the stars, and cooking your meals together is sure to bring you closer. Don’t forget some fun props like a frisbee, volleyball, or card deck!

Look through our curated Outdoor Enthusiast product offering to make sure you’re prepared and ready to go. And, don’t forget, leave the planet better than you found it. Learn more with our Leave No Trace blog post.

For the Spa Lover

If outdoor activities aren’t your jam, or if your idea of TLC is face masks and cold drinks, we’ve got you covered. Consider booking a spa retreat or spa day with your pals. Be sure you do your research though, to make sure the products they use are eco-friendly and sustainable. And what you’ll do depends on the spa you go to, but be sure to bring your gift bags nonetheless. Whether it’s using your tumbler to refill on mimosas or using the scrunchies for some pool time, you’re sure to make the outing relaxing and green.

Photo of dusty pink nail polish from Rooted Woman on EarthHero with a white background and natural design elements.
Unashamed by Rooted Women – shop this and other gorgeous shades on EarthHero!

In contrast, a beautiful alternative is having an at-home spa day with everyone where you carry out from your favorite restaurant (don’t forget to ask to pack the food in your reusable ware or in recyclable/compostable to-go containers). Use your gift bag mud masks, play a movie, do your nails and just relax.

The Thank You

You can refer to “The Invitation” section of this post, but the message is to always send a big “thank you” to those who took the time to celebrate with you and express their love and care for you. It’s important to express gratitude whenever it’s warranted, even if you’ll be seeing your friends the following week at the reception.

We hope our tips and tricks for hosting an eco-friendly and sustainable bachelor party help make your life a little easier. Now go enjoy, have fun, and remember to celebrate big.

And, if you’d like some help in other aspects of your wedding, be sure to check out our other blog posts on zero waste wedding planning and sustainable wedding gifts!

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