Embracing the Season of Love with PAAVANI Ayurveda

Embracing the Season of Love with PAAVANI Ayurveda

Learn more about why we love PAAVANI Ayurveda for the perfect self-care essentials to make everyday a "love yourself" day!
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February, the month of love, is upon us which means you may be feeling bombarded by a landscape of plastic and disposable heart-shaped items in practically every store that you venture into. Of course, for us at EarthHero, we believe that this unconscious consumerism is not the way to spread love to oneself, others or the planet. Thus, this February, we encourage you to reclaim what the month of love means by committing to a few simple Ayurvedic self-care rituals. 

If you are not familiar with Ayurveda, it is South East Asia’s traditional medicine which has been utilized for over 5,000 years and shares a holistic approach to health and wellness. One of the key tenets of Ayurvedic medicine is that preventative care is foundational to living a healthy and balanced life. This means that engaging in daily Ayurvedic self-care rituals such as eating prana-rich foods (think fresh, organic, whole foods), meditating, spending time in nature, tongue cleaning, oil pulling, cleansing the nasal passageways and eye washing can all help to keep our bodies, spirits, and minds healthy, balanced and in tune with nature. Further, when you integrate Ayurvedic daily rituals into your life, it becomes a way to engage in acts of self-love through the practice of self-care. 

In our shop offerings, we are proud to share with you Ayurvedic self-care products by PAAVANI Ayurveda. Established in 2014, PAAVANI Ayurveda was founded by 2 friends and female Ayurvedic Practitioners, Leah Klatt and Trudy Collings. Named after the Sanskrit term for purity, PAAVANI crafts its products with organic, sustainably sourced, 100% earth-based ingredients and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. This means that you can rest assured knowing that you will never see chemicals, parabens, or synthetic ingredients in their pure and truly clean products. All PAAVANI products are formulated and handmade in their Northern California apothecary and seek to support the body, skin, spirit, digestion, and mind. 

We also love PAAVANI Ayurveda for their dedication to eco-friendly packaging:

  • All PAAVANI products are packaged in glass, cotton & tin containers- never in plastic!
  • All PAAVANI labels are sourced from a small, eco-friendly company that uses wind-generated electricity to power its facility and prints digitally on recycled paper stock using water-based inks that generate little to no paper waste & no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • All PAAVANI orders are shipped in boxes made of post-consumer recycled content and shipping materials that are naturally biodegradable, compostable, and fully recyclable. 

This February, to support your commitment to self-care and self-love, we would like to share with you our top 3 PAAVANI products to pamper yourself with:

  1. Vata Body Oil  This warming and restorative Body Oil is perfect for nourishing dry winter skin! Ayurvedic herbs Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Cinnamon are slowly infused into this grounding herbal oil to help boost vitality and provide adaptogenic relief and hydrated skin during the long, cold days of February. When lovingly applying this handcrafted herbal body oil onto the skin, you honor your physical body, nourish your skin, soothe your mind and dedicate time for self-care in your busy day. 

  2. Ear Oil  At first, the idea of using an Ear Oil did not spark visions of loving self-care, but after using PAAVANI’s Ear Oil and following the weekly directions provided on their label, we are believers- ear oiling is an act of self-love! PAAVANI Ayurveda explains that you can apply the Ear Oil daily or weekly to support optimal ear health and further prevent issues like headaches, TMJ, and tinnitus. The first time that we laid on our side and applied the warm oil into our ears, we couldn’t help but notice that this ritual became a nourishing experience that encouraged presence, awareness, and calm, while also treating ourselves and our ears to some loving self-care.

  3. Coconut Milk Bath The name of this product says it all. Imagine immersing yourself in a pleasantly warm bath of coconut milk powder, epsom and himalayan salts, and essential oils of cardamom, lavender, rose, and turmeric. It smells divine, leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, and feels like a day at the spa. Without a doubt, PAAVANI’s Coconut Milk Bath will make you feel like the Queen of Hearts this February and beyond! 


We hope that through introducing you to the tradition of Ayurveda and the high-quality, earth-friendly products produced by PAAVANI Ayurveda, you will feel inspired to incorporate more balance into your life through the Ayurvedic practices of self-care and maybe even reconsider what this month of love means to you. Remember that you must first love yourself before you can truly share your love with others. May these Ayurvedic self-care practices help you feel established, healthy and secure in yourself and ready to radiate your love this month and throughout the year. 


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