Eco-Journey: How Zero Waste Are You?

Eco-Journey: How Zero Waste Are You?

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At EarthHero, we know that the switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle is a journey, and that everyone is on different points along that journey. That’s okay! That means that there are new people joining the sustainability movement every day, and there are also people who have kept up with sustainable living for years.

This flow chart can help you determine where you fit, and give you some ideas on where to go from there! Keep in mind, gaging your personal level of sustainability is NOT this simple, but this is a great starting point for seeking out ways to improve and create positive impact. So take the quiz (not too seriously), then read our Eco-Journey blogs below as a guide on where to go next!

Eco-Journey Blogs:

Level 1: Room to Grow
Level 2: Getting Greener
Level 3: Eco-Expert

Hint: Is the text too small to read on the image below? You can download the image here!

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