EarthHero's Capstone Team: Ending Summer in Style!

EarthHero's Capstone Team: Ending Summer in Style!

Check out the progress our student capstone has made in the past month... with plenty more to come!

Hello again from your friendly neighborhood capstone team! 👋

This month we’ve focused on our materiality assessment which is designed to identify the environmental, social, and governance topics that stakeholders find important. We’re using the survey results to help inform which topics customers and employees want to learn more about from EarthHero. 

We identified EarthHero’s major stakeholders as employees and customers. Our first step was to survey EarthHero’s employees in order to get their feedback on our questions before we polled customers. We got valuable feedback from EarthHero employees which we implemented into our customer survey that was sent on July 24th. So far, we have over 200 responses – growing by the day! The survey is open until August 5th, so if you’d like to give us feedback, please complete it here.

After we close the survey, we’ll begin compiling the results into a materiality matrix. This matrix will be a graph representing what shopping categories customers were most interested in hearing more about from EarthHero. Based on this data, we will then refine what we will include in the impact report and begin working on our outline. Throughout this process, we learned that ranking topics against each other is inherently a tough process, but it helps us determine what we value the most (and helps inform our impact report). 

We are so grateful for the feedback we have received so far on our survey! We love how eager EarthHero customers are to engage in this project and can’t wait to begin analyzing these results.

What you can expect to hear about in the next month:

  • Survey results + materiality matrix
  • Updates on our impact report progress

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