EarthHero’s 3 Most Popular Corporate Gifts

EarthHero’s 3 Most Popular Corporate Gifts

Sustainable, corporate gifting is more important than ever! Corporate, branded products often make their way to the landfill at high rates. Don’t let your company’s good intentions in corporate gifting do more harm to our planet than good.

Searching for corporate gift ideas for your employees or clients? Customizable and sustainable notebooks, water bottles, and totes are our 3 most popular corporate gift items. Our customers have spoken by choosing these 3 gifts over and over. Let’s take a closer look!

Top Corporate Gift Pick #1: Lined Stone Paper Notebook from Agood Company

Lined Stone Paper Notebooks from Agood Company with custom branded logo

Lined Stone Paper Notebooks from Agood Company with custom branded logo

Do you love taking notes the traditional pen and paper way? Turns out you’re not alone. Research suggests that taking notes by hand engages more areas of the brain, leading to better long-term memory and cognition. The Lined Stone Paper Notebook from Agood Company is one of our most popular corporate gift choices, and for good reason. This notebook is made from sustainable stone paper, produced out of reused stones from construction and factories. It lays flat for easy note-taking, is water-resistant, and is extremely durable. Printed with non-toxic soy ink, this stone paper notebook features 144 pages and contains no wood pulp, water, or added chemicals. Plus, for every purchase, Agood Company plants trees in Africa to mitigate carbon emissions from production! Top it off by adding your company’s logo to the front of this notebook to promote brand recognition and strengthen relationships and there you have it! The perfect gift for that special client or employee that’s sustainable, useful, and a gentle reminder of your company, all in one. 

Top Corporate Gift Pick #2: Klean Kanteen Water Bottle

A row of Klean Kanteen water bottles in various colors

Help your employees or clients minimize or eliminate single-use plastic water bottles by gifting a reusable water bottle from Klean Kanteen. Hydration is never going out of style, so it’s no wonder our customers are repeatedly adding this Klean Kanteen Water Bottle to their shopping carts. What better way to advertise your brand than by etching your company’s logo into a brightly-colored, sustainable water bottle? The practicality of this stainless steel water bottle will ensure the recipient of this gift will take it along everywhere they go. Featuring a double-wall vacuum insulating Climate Lock, this classic can keep drinks hot for up to 20 hours, and icy cold for up to 50 hours! It’s made from food-grade stainless steel, with a leak proof cap to ensure no spills or messes. Klean Kanteen is also a certified B Corporation and a 1% for the Planet member. These responsibly made water bottles are an EarthHero-approved way to make corporate gifting sustainable and fun!

Top Corporate Gift Pick #3: Hudson Canvas Tote by Eco Bags

Hudson Canvas Tote by Eco Bags with custom logo screen printed on it. Next to it is a Lined Stone Paper Notebook from Agood Company and a custom branded pen
Hudson Canvas Tote by Eco Bags with custom logo screen printed on it.

Americans use more than 100 billion plastic bags each year! The Hudson Canvas Tote by Eco Bags is just the gift to replace those non-recyclable, single-use shopping bags. By gifting this tote you can stop hundreds of plastic bags from heading to our landfills. Make a statement by branding this tote bag with your company logo, then sit back and watch as it makes an appearance at all the local markets the recipient visits. Made from recycled cotton from post-consumer and post-industrial cotton scraps, this tote bag also supports fair wages and fair labor practices through Eco-Bags’ supply chain. This tote is lightweight and features a large 3” bottom that expands to carry all your essentials. Great for events, shopping trips, and traveling!


There you have it! Our 3 most popular corporate gifts that can be branded, promote sustainability, and are always received with a smile. 

Are you looking to go a different direction with your corporate gifting? No problem, you can browse our corporate gifting catalog for more options, or our ready-made gift boxes for other popular gifts. Our EarthHero Corporate Gifting team is one click away from helping you find, design and execute your sustainable gifting needs! Click here to get started!

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