5 Reasons Why a Digital Gift Card is the Perfect Corporate Gift

5 Reasons Why a Digital Gift Card is the Perfect Corporate Gift

Digital gift cards are the ideal corporate gift, offering convenience, versatility, and sustainability while allowing the recipient to choose the gift they want most. They can enhance employee motivation and customer loyalty, making them the perfect option for corporate gifting.
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Gifting a digital gift card to that deserving employee or loyal client is always a great option. From convenience to customization, not to mention sustainability, let us count the ways!

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1. Convenience

Sometimes the need to express our appreciation shows up last minute and we don’t have time to source the perfect gift. That’s where digital gift cards come in. Digital gift cards can be purchased and sent instantly, making them a convenient option for last-minute gift-giving.

2. Versatility

Are you unsure of what type of gift is best suited for your employee or client? There’s no need to guess. Why not let them decide? Digital gift cards allow the recipient to choose what they want.  With an EarthHero gift card, recipients can choose from a  variety of eco-friendly products so they end up with something that doesn’t harm the planet, and something they’ll love - a win win!

3. Customization

Digital gift cards don’t have to be flavorless gifts. They can often be personalized, making them thoughtful and unique. You can also honor the recipients’ specific interests and hobbies by sending them a gift card from a company that reflects such, like us. The team at EarthHero can also send a personalized email to each recipient.  

4. Sustainability

Why junk up the planet with unwanted gifts? Not only do digital gift cards eliminate the need for paper and plastic, making them a more environmentally friendly option, but they ensure the recipient is purchasing something aligned with their unique climate-friendly tastes. With this comes a greater probability that the gift will be used for years to come and not end up in a landfill.

5. Budget-friendly

Do you have a tight budget for corporate gifting? No need to break the bank! Digital gift cards can be purchased in a variety of denominations, making them an affordable option for gift-givers that need to stick to a budget.


Are you a company that wants to express your earth-friendly values when gifting your employees or clients? EarthHero digital gift cards are easy, flexible and a thoughtful way to show someone you care, all while honoring the environment. Get started here! 

Do you have other sustainable corporate gifting needs that go beyond digital gift cards? See how we can help here!

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