5 Black-Owned Brands We Love

5 Black-Owned Brands We Love

Want to shop your values at EarthHero? We're trying to make it easier. Start by checking out and supporting our black-owned brands!

At EarthHero, we are constantly working to add incredible eco-friendly products into our marketplace – products you can trust. We use a meticulous and rigorous 5-step Sourcing Methodology to ensure every single brand and product meets our (and your) sustainability values.

Alongside this, we are also working to diversify the products and brands at EarthHero and acknowledge that we are not where we want to be in terms of celebrating and highlighting the unique and incredible brands out there. As such, we want to ensure we showcase the brands we do have and encourage recommendations for additional brands we can support.

1. Soap Distillery

Small batches, no hangovers.

EarthHero - Soap Distillery - 10
EarthHero - Soap Distillery - 3

Soap Distillery began when founder, Danielle, was unsatisfied with the lack of scent diversity in the soap world. After drinking an old-fashioned one night, she became inspired to create something magical – Soap Distillery! Each soap bar is handmade and hand-cut in small batches, ensuring each and every soap bar is created with great care. They offer a slew of body care products, from bar soaps to shower gels to bath salts, all inspired by cocktail favorites, like Mint Mojito and Rosé. They only use sustainably-sourced essential oils and try to use sustainable packaging wherever they can, like plastic-free boxes and glass containers. Based in Chicago, Soap Distillery proudly gives back to the local community, supporting organizations like the Broadway Youth Center.

Shop all Soap Distillery here!

2. Graphic Anthology

Stationary for joyful communication.

EarthHero Graphic Anthology Feliz Navidad Greeting Card Set Of 8 2

Inspired by the beauty of handwritten notes, Genesis created Graphic Anthology as a way to keep the tradition going, but with an artistic twist. All cards are designed mindfully, with bold colors and meaningful cover art. Plus, they’re printed on FSC-certified recycled (and recyclable) paper in the Pacific Northwest, ensuring sustainability is always top of mind. Plus, Graphic Anthology is always working to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing production waste and prioritizing eco-friendly inks and papers.

Shop all Graphic Anthology here!

3. Rooted Woman

Ethical, Intentional, Radical.

EarthHero - Rooted Woman - 1
EarthHero - Rooted Woman - 2

Inspired by the importance of normalizing self-care and personal wellbeing, India Williams founded her company, Rooted Woman. Realizing there were so many ways to express self-care, India decided on nail care as the centerpiece of her self-care initiative. All products are made in small batches to ensure quality and environmental authenticity. Moreover, their gorgeous nail polish is made without the top ten toxic ingredients found in most conventional nail polish, including Formaldehyde and Toluene. Yuck! Instead, Rooted Woman uses safer alternatives and organic ingredients whenever possible.

Shop all Rooted Woman here!

4. Organic Bath Co.

Clean, Not Complicated.

EarthHero - Organic Bath Co 5

Realizing that so many women, especially women of color, are continuously bombarded with toxic skincare, couple Jay and Gianne decided to do something about it. They created Organic Bath Co. to make simple and uncomplicated products ideal for even the most sensitive skin. One part of that commitment is using fair-trade, ethically sourced, and organic ingredients in their skincare products, like almond and jojoba oil. Plus, they even make sure their packaging is sustainable, using fully recyclable containers and wrappings and biodegradable packing peanuts.

Shop all Organic Bath Co. here!

5. Baxter Wood

Create, Consume, Uncreate.

After traveling to his hometown in Ghana, Baxter Wood founder Kweku, alongside his co-founder Sarah, were astounded by the accumulation of plastic waste all around. Their love of fashion and desire to have a positive environmental impact in the world led them to design and create sustainable fashion accessories, like their signature Chelsea boots. Made from sustainably-harvested hevea rubber sourced from Sri Lanka, their boots offer a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based conventional rainboots. Plus, after wearing down, they’ll take your old boots back through their recycling program, Recycle with Baxter, to make something new, from playground turf to punching bags.

Shop all Baxter Wood here!

NEW: Shop By Values

At EarthHero, we recently updated our menu (not sure if you noticed!) and one aspect we championed during this update was a ‘Shop By Values’ feature which makes it easier for you to support who you want to support. Just click “SHOP BY VALUES” and select the value you want to support, like black-owned brands, and you’re set!

Want to learn more about our other values and sustainability logos. Check them out here!

This month (and year-round), EarthHero is going to talk more about exclusivity within sustainability spaces. In that conversation, it’s important to highlight why we only have 5 black-owned brands at EarthHero and how it’s a deep-rooted issue within eco-friendly spaces. Together, we’ll work towards greater inclusivity and representation.

Have any sustainable black-owned brands you think should be at EarthHero? Let us know – as a community, we grow together.

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