4 Reasons to Give Sustainable Corporate Gifts for Earth Month

4 Reasons to Give Sustainable Corporate Gifts for Earth Month

There's no better time like Earth Month for switching out old habits for newer and better ones. Corporate gifting is one way to do this! Explore our reasons why your brand should gift sustainable with EarthHero.
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We think it's important to live (and gift) sustainably year-round, but Earth Day comes once a year in April and is a great opportunity to kick-start an earth-friendly habit. 

Since EarthHero's inception a few years back, we've worked hard to become a go-to marketplace for all things sustainable. To accomplish this, we've expanding our services to support brands and companies as well as individuals.

In the spirit of all things eco-friendly, we've helped support brands all over the world gift sustainably (including Microsoft, KENSHO, Google, and Flock Freight). We welcome you to join us as well, and we have 4 reasons to back it up. 

  1. Protect our Planet – It's no secret that human-led destruction is real, but there is something we can do about it. Whether it means switching up our daily habits, calling up local political entities, or choosing sustainably-made gifts.
  2. Ethical Sourcing – At EarthHero, we meticulously source our products using our 5-step Sourcing Methodology which considers everything from materials to company ownership to brand giveback. We did the research on all of our products to make it easier to shop your values each and every day. Giving that assurance to your employees is icing on the cake. 
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility – Did you know that we partner with three nonprofits partners for our corporate gifting? We believe that giving back is crucial to making the world a better place. And you get to choose where we donate a portion of your order (at no extra cost to you!). Whether to plant trees, support leadership summer camps for queer youth, or clean up ocean plastic. 
  4. Employee Wellbeing – Gifting your employees or clients nontoxic, eco-friendly products means they won't welcome anything harmful into their homes. They can wear that cool sweatshirt without worrying about potential labor crimes or pesticides laced in the cotton. Showing your employees you appreciate them, and doing it thoughtfully will go a long way. 

Not only is Earth Month a great opportunity to show your customers how much you care about them and the planet, but it's a good time to show your employees and clients as well. Have a vision? We can help make it happen, whether with custom gift boxes, ready-made gift boxes, or EarthHero gift cards! 


Want to schedule a call with us? Reach out to our Corporate Gifting Director to make it happen!

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